When is the right time to go to the next stage car seat?

Maggie - posted on 09/16/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm not sure when I need to go up to the next size car seat. The one my daughter is in right now only goes up to 22 lbs and she is only 2 lbs away from the limit. I have been told that she has to be a certain weight and height to be able to go to the next size or she has to be a certain height. Which one is it? If anyone knows, please let me know.



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Alysha - posted on 09/18/2009




I don't know if you're canadian or not, but over here the rules are pretty straigh forward once you know them :) I actually took a course with fire fighters and they teach you everything!

your child should be in a rear-facing childseat until:

1) they exceed the weight restriction...this applies mainly to the smaller car seats that you can carry everywhere and are easy to remove from your car[can't think of the name for them lol];

2) they can pull themselves up to a standing position;

3) theirfeet are touching the seat when facing the rear of the car.

not all of these have to apply, only one. if you're from the states sorry for this not being helpful :s try googling the childseat requirements, or go to your local police station, they are required to be informed on all the rules and regulations :)

Nadine - posted on 09/17/2009




I found out after my daughter got her infant seat that the convertable ones are rear facing for 5 to 30 lbs then change to forward facing for up to anywere from 50 to 100 lbs depending on which one you get. If I had known that I would have went with one of those in the beginning you only have to buy one seat for the entire time they need to be in one. So if you bought one of these you could do it now and not have to buy anymore for the stages she will go through.

Michelle - posted on 09/16/2009




it is very very important is the weight. moving her up to a carseat and she is not the right weight for the new carseat could hurt her severly if you were to get in an accident. my best recommendation if she is 22 pounds is to put her in a converter booster carseat, one that you can turn around backwards just like an infant seat untill she is the right weight to be forward. if i remember right they only have to be 20 or 25 pounds to be facing forward in just make sure she is tall enough and is the right weight to be facing forward before you turn her around...

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You should move her to a convertible car seat next. Most of them can be used from 5lbs-60lbs, so you can switch at any time. You'll just want to install it rear-facing in your car (but it can be used once she needs to switch forward). Some quality convertible seats are the Britax Marathon, Costco Scenera, Evenflo seats.

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