When should you tell your child about his biological father?

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My son is four years old and very curious. He has asked me how babies are made lol, how we all came to this planet, why people get married etc. I left an extremely abusive relationship when I was was two months pregnant for his well being. I became a single mom for a couple years until I met my current significant other, moved in together and started our little family. My son has seen his biological father twice (not on purpose but out in public randomly when he was less than a year old). My son started calling him daddy when he was two. He views him as daddy. He has changed diapers, changed him, fed him etc. When should I tell him the truth? Should I? I feel guilty but I know I did the right thing. I'm dreading the day he asks... the last thing I want to do is break his heart...


Trippingdaisy48 - posted on 09/15/2013




You know,i was 7 and my brother was 10 when we found out we didn't didn't have the same dad although my bio dad and mom weren't married anymore at this point for that exact reason! My dad was abusive and cheating all the time... It wasn't until I got older,in my teens that I asked why,and she explained to me... She said growing up she never wanted to bash him,their relationship hd nothing to do with his with us,she wouldn't allow him to be Disney land dad so he bailed out,he got in contact with us when I turned 18,and at that point I had made the choice to not have a relationship with him....my mom told me te truth when she knew I was at an age to understand. It won't break his heart,I'm honestly glad my mom got out while us kids were babies as the abuse could have taken a turn towards us. But I made my mind up about my father because of who he was to me,not her. He'll do the same. Good luck!

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