when to start feeding baby food

Lori-Lynn - posted on 05/24/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 5 month old is very big... 20 lbs, to be exact, but the doctor says she's healthy. She doesn't seem satisfied with just her bottles and the doctor also says that we shouldn't put rice cereal in her bottle or feed her a lot of baby food just yet (said that @ the 4 mo check-up). She know what food is & stares at our food when we eat. My dad gave her a vanilla wafer and she immediately started biting on it & she doesn't usually put things in her mouth. She usually only eats the baby food in the evening... baby food, bath, bottle, bed. I'm just wondering if we should start feeding her more baby food mixed w/ the rice cereal & if so, how much?


Mel - posted on 05/24/2009




my 14 month old is only 17 lbs! im shocked haha. if she's big just make sure you dont add anything extra fat if you make you own just stick to the pureed fruits and vegies, rusks, yogurt etc. mine hated rice cereal so i dont have much experience with that, she screamed when i tried to give it to her at 3 months but was happy with other foods. A friend of mine had a big baby at 7-8 months she was still eating maybe 1-2 meals of pureed pumpkin a day. If feeding rice cereal mix with water instead of formula, and just try 2-3 meals of fruit/vegies a day. If she wants more then that feed her more. Im not sure about mixing baby food and rice cereal since i stayed away from it

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HI... i have a 6month old son and hes almost 20lbs..every baby is different...of course the more u feed ur baby the more ur baby gets used to eating a lot. My cousins son is 7 months old and weighs almost 20 like mine.. i mean see thats all a month diff....did she start getting her teeth?? I live in Germany now and what the Dr's r sayin is that when ur baby starts becoming the first teeth he or she wont eat as much cz of the pain....so they do loose a lil weight there.... i dont know why u r putting rice cereal in the babybottle......that usually prevents her from doing POOP POOps...so of course it stays in her tummy.. and she doesnt know of course shes gonna want to eat everything.....mine always looks at what im eating...and of course he wants to try it they are curious... :) I wouldnt put rice cereal in her milk..... what Im doing is this....when he wakes up at 8 am he gets his bottle then he plays a lil and falls alseep then he wakes up around 10 again and he cries of course but he just ate two hrs ago n thats not good to give them milk every 2 hrs they usually say to have 3-4hrs inbetween..so i give him a lil bit of fruits...then hes good for another hr...then i give him his 2nd bottle and thats now 3-4 hrs after his first bottle.....after he eats that one he plays with his toys n starts crying that he wants to sleep and he usually sleeps 2 hrs straight and then i give him baby food and some water or juice or tea....and then 2-3hrs later he gets a bottle and sleeps again wakes up then i give him fruits or so and then later before he goes to bed i give him a bath that keeps him occupied he plays with his lil ducks lol and then bottle and then bed.thats it...he goes to bed at like 8 or 9pm. and usually I stay awake to clean up or whatever...and then before i go to bed at like 11 or sometimes 12 i make another bottle and give him the milk while hes asleep sometimes even change his diaper quick and that keeps him fed till 8 am. i think the magic is the bottle that he gets before i go to bed. u can definately feed her with baby food just dont put rice cereal in her milk......but the even better thing to do is to just change her milk maybe the one ur giving her isnt enough for her I changed mine a month ago too i use HUMANA...oh wow i just went on CVS website to see what brands yall have for milk and NOW I REMEMBER lol that its in cans and they are all ready to use..we have powdered milk here and have to add water but theres soooooo many brands hmm i was gonna suggest u one but i cant bcz i dnt knw those really i mean ive heard of similac but I would just try to give her a diff milk to see if it will keep her fed for a bit longer that way u dnt have to mix and give her so much :) i wrote sooooooooooooooo much but i had to change my sons milk cz he wasnt satisfied from just bottles he wanted more too but now that i got another milk its much easier... I hope i was able to help u at least a lil bit :) GOOD LUCK let me know how it worked for u


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