When to start packing for the hospital? What to pack?

Janice - posted on 09/05/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




I'm on my 33rd week now and I am close to finish shopping for our 1st baby. However I havent started packing yet. Should I get started already? What are the essentials to pack?


Dejah - posted on 09/05/2009




I had my bag & husbands bag packed around 34-35 wks. I had my son at 37 wks! I would go ahead & pack! You baby can come early & may not go full term. People may tell you that once you go into labor it will take awhile for you to have your 1st child. Let me be the 1st to tell you that is not for all people. I was asleep & woke up to a pop to my water breaking. I was expecting a gush but it wasn't (trickle here & there). Just felt like having to go to the bathroom so I wasn't sure if my water broke. This all was at 3am! Got to the hospital at 4am (I was 5cm) & had my son at 9am. Yours may not go that fast but I was going to warn you so pack your bags soon cause you may not have time later. You won't want to while in labor.

I would pack 2-3 sets of clothing for you (depending on if you have vaginal or csection delivery). Here in Alabama they keep you 3 days for csection & 2 for vaginal so depends of your hospital.

Everyone's replies have most of what you need packed. Except for a few things: Maternity bra if your breastfeeding. Baby book if you want them to put footprints on the book (not sure if all places does that). An additional cute outfit for your baby's 1st portrait. My own personal pillow (hospital pillows suck). Robe & slippers (if you go outside the room plus your hospital's floor isnt that clean i'm sure). I brought a diaper bag with a few items of diapers/wipes/pacifer/creams just for the trip home.

Good Luck! Enjoy your little one they grow up real fast!!!!


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Missy - posted on 09/06/2009




I took my own pillow and night gown AND slippers. Take everything that will make you comfortable!!

Lucy - posted on 09/06/2009




Lots of pairs of BIG PANTS!!!!!!!!!! I got through about 15 pairs of knickers in the 3 days i was in hospital!

Tamika - posted on 09/05/2009




I packed 2 weeks before my due date. For me basic toiliteries, a robe, nightgown, slippers, an outfit to come home in, and 2 outfits for the baby. Dont worry about a bag for the baby cuz the hospital will give you what ever you ask for and a gift diaper bag. when at a nice hotel take the robes, well, when leaving the hospital after giving birth, ask for diapers and bottles. When I had my second son My mother, my fiancee, and I all asked for that stuff not know the other already asked. So i walked out the hospital with 2 days worth of formula and diapers.

[deleted account]

Larger shoes! I went in a size 8 and came out a size HUGE! I ended up going to the car in the snow in slippers because my feet had swollen so much.

Debra - posted on 09/05/2009




It's always a good idea to pack early just in case! I think I packed like 3 weeks before my daughter was born. One less thing you need to worry about.

If everything goes well with the labor and there are no issues, you will most likely be there for 24hours give or take a few hours. Basic overnight stuff - toothbrush and paste, shower items, clothes to go home in (for you and baby) socks, maybe a heavy blanket (I froze in my hotel room) things for your baby's father (snacks, overnight things). Alot of the hospitals have a TV and DVD player so take DVDS and other things to pass the time.

Hope this helped!

Janet - posted on 09/05/2009




Definately start packing now. You never know what could happen and you want to be prepared. I am on my 30th week roughly and I am already packed my diaper bag with things for the baby. I also have my bag ready so all I have to do is throw in some clothes and I'm gone.

For baby I packed:

3-4 onesies

2-3 stretchy pants

2 pairs socks

2 pairs mittens (so baby can't scratch his/her face)


going home outfit so you can take pictures

a blanket

3 recieving blankets

diapers (hospital does provide them though)

diaper wipes

a cream for diaper rash

a little container of cornstarch (which I find terrific for diaper rash as well)

You should also have the carseat ready in the car. And I highly recommend using a carseat base in the car so you can easily take the carseat in and out.

My bag:

Has a little makeup bag with hairbrush, elastics to tie my hair back, and a little makeup so I can look descent when I leave the hospital. Also I have a little bag with face wash, shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, razor, and sponge so I can clean myself up as they provide a bathroom with a shower in my experience. Don't forget to have a nursing bra, nursing pads ( I like reusable so I can just wash them in the sink at night and they are dry by morning), and a couple tops that have easy access for nursing if you plan to nurse. I also bring my own nighty to wear after I give birth because it makes me feel comfortable. Oh and slipper socks because those hospital floors are chilly. My hospital provided pads for the bleeding afterwards but if your prefer your own you should bring some. You should also have a call list and money for parking and snacks and little extras. Also a camera and pen and paper to write down little things you want to put in the baby book. Have a going home outfit too, and remember you will probably look 6 months preganant when you leave. And don't forget that no matter how much it seems to hurt that in the end you will have a beautiful baby you will love forever. Good luck!

Esmeralda - posted on 09/05/2009




i am in ireland, and here they advise women to start packing at 30 weeks. i know it is kinda early, but it is better to have it all ready before that time.

i am 26 weeks now and almost ready!

(okay i am on my fourth, so that might contribute to the fact lol!)

amanda's list is quite good, but if youre having a section (like me) it is advisable to take more baby sleepsuits and vests with you as hospital stay is longer (5 days).

good luck!

Amanda - posted on 09/05/2009




well dear with my first i had my bag packed at 34 weeks. I repacked it many times was so excited, I don't know if it helps but here is what i packed

3 outfits for baby (2 short sleeved and a long sleeved sleeper) it gets cold in hospital really easy even if you have a summer baby

2 outfits for self

my favorite lotion, small bottle of shampoo (hospital stuff is nasty)

fingernail clippers for baby (their nails are so sharp and long when they are born)


no diapers or wipes hospital will provide

a pacifier


spare change

extra battery for cell phone and camera

a list of people to call/txt because sometimes you just get so caught up in the moment you forget

a book or magazine to pass sometime

a couple of small snacks

bottle of water

2 thin blankets (some hospital will not let you take their blankets while others are ok with it)

socks for both you and baby

and a good ink pen just incase

well i hope this helps you good luck!!

bty do you know what you are having yet?

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