Where did you go to pierce your baby's ears?

Georgia - posted on 11/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi there my baby girl is 6months old and I want to pierce her ears. Not sure where to go. I live in Toronto, On any ideas out there?


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Miri - posted on 11/17/2012




Please, let a professional piercer do it. You and her both will have a much better experience. Most parlor's will pierce babies ears and pierce minors if a consent form is signed by a parent.

My husband apprentaced at a tattoo/piercing parlor for 7 years and I apprentaced 6 years; and we both have numerous piercings and other modifications.

After having the proper training and all the mods, I can say DON'T taker her to Wal-Mart, Claire's, or any other place that offers ear piercings 'on the side,' like a department store. Places like that use piercing guns which shouldn't even be used to pierce with and the employees aren't properly trained. Claire's, for example (a friend worked there), the employees only had to watch a video and practice on cardboard and stuffed animals for a few hours.

So, not only are the employees at places like that not properly trained, those gun are horrible. They can't be properly sterilized, the jerk when triggered, and they cause way too much trauma to the ears. The guns pierce with whichever earring stud you choose, which isn't good because even the sharpest/pointiest stud still isn't sharp enough to pierce which causes it to pucture the ear, and the studs aren't long enough to allow for swelling, and therefor correct healing.

Because they're so tight during swelling, places like that will tell you twist the studs and cleaned off dried fluid; twisting and peeling off the dried lymph will keep the piercing raw and irritated. Using longer jewelry prevents this to a great extent and healing time is quicker and less sore.

A professional will use a piercing needle (basically a large hypodermic), and pierce by hand. The needes are sharp enough that they cut throught the skin very easily, rather than puncture it, and a good piercer is very fast in piercing and putting in jewelry. They also use long stainless steel or gold jewelry to allow for the swelling and prevent irritation. You'll also get instructions on proper care.

I definitely, 100% would take her to a professional. Most standard piercings vary between $15 and $20 here in the States, so it shouldn't bee too expensive, and the jewelry is usully included.

Dawn - posted on 11/16/2012




my 4 month old neice just got hers done right at walmart! idk if there is any around you though..

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