Where do I find a good child psychologist? Should I even be looking for one? ( my son is 5)

Roxana - posted on 09/27/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




My 5 year old came home with a note saying he should join a social skills group. I approach the teacher to ask why? She said my son did not pay attention and when she asked him to do something he would not know what to do. Exp. Pick up your sweater and put it away. My son, " what sweater, where" .... She also said he is to touchy. He tends to hug everyone. I'm so confused.


Jenni - posted on 09/28/2011




It doesn't sound like anything to be overly concerned about? Sounds fairly normal to me at least. Although, I'm not there to observe your son.

So the real question is; do you think there is a problem in his social interactions? What is your mother's intuition telling you?

I don't think this behaviour that your described would warrant a psychologist. But if you are concerned, role play social interactions for him. Maybe teach him to ask first before he touches or hugs someone. Also, involve him in after school activities that put emphasis on social interaction.

And monitor his behaviour. Anything you notice that seems 'out of the ordinary' by observing how other children his age interact, record in a journal. That way if you do have to have him evaluated you'll have record of his behaviours.

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Elsa - posted on 11/29/2013




My son has the same behavior. Like not understanding when he is asked a question. I wish he would be seen by a psychologist. That way they can decide if my child needs an IEP. I am just saying because my son is in 3rd grade and he has always struggled with memory in school. I dont know how your son is doing academically and I hope he is doing well.

Roxana - posted on 09/28/2011




Thank you all for the great ideas and support. I was very confused and so upset that the teacher didnt consult me or informed me my son was acting up before she referred me to the school psychologist. I agree my son gets a little spoiled since he just turned 5 (2 weeks ago). The teacher made it seemed like he just didn't listen or comprehend what she told him to do. She made it seemed like he had a problem. I told her you are the first person to tell me this he has been in toddler centers before entering Kindergarten.

Cassandra - posted on 09/28/2011




You know its not the teachers place to say that. I could understand if its a note just saying your son didn't listen today but its wrong for her to suggest such things. If it continues, its up to you to do what you think is right for your son. I don't have a temper and I am really submissive but when it comes to my son..... I Get Crazy!!!! Good luck and I am sure your son is just fine :)

Bridget - posted on 09/28/2011




That is kinda ridiculous it is good he is giving other kids hugs. At least hes not hitting other children. And as for the sweater maybe he got confused or was distracted by something else. I think that he is normal and i don't think that what this teacher is saying is not a reason to look for a child psychologist. It seems you have a very sweet and very normal little boy i wouldn't worry :)

Cynthia - posted on 09/28/2011




something wrong with a hug? i don't understand, you want to take your 5 year old to a psychologist because he gives hugs and don't listen to his teacher. i think that is a little much for a normal kid. my sons are the same way. they never listen and the also like to hug people. i don't think thats a good reason to go to a psychologist. this is my opinion

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