which homemade food i can give to my 3+11 days baby ???plzz help :)


Firebird - posted on 09/18/2012




Oh please don't give your 3 month old juice. You'll rot his teeth before they even grow in. 6 months for food and juice.

Michelle - posted on 09/19/2012




I agree with Dove. Don't give anything other than BM/formula until 6 months and then don't give juice. You will encourage them to like the sweet taste over savoury. Mashed potato, pumpkin, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and avocado are the best to start off with.

When introducing solids give them 1 food at a time and wait a couple of days to see if there is any reaction before trying a new one.

Michelle - posted on 09/17/2012




How old? Is that 3 weeks or 3 months?

If it's either they are still young for solid foods, it's best to wait until 6 months.


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Bonnie - posted on 09/21/2012




You can start solids anywhere from 4-6months depending on the developement of your baby. We started both of our boys on stage 1 baby foods at 4 months and they were very ready. They have to have good head control and be able to swallow well. Both my boys were large for their age and never had any trouble with choking. Just make sure most of thier nutrients are covered by breastmilk/formula. My doctor told me this tip for the first few feedings: give them their bottle first, then let them try the solids. This way they not only have had all the essential nutrients but also they aren't so hungry when they first try to eat the solids that they choke or get frustrated. Most people use thin baby cereal for their infants first meal but it made my son constipated so we quickly switched over to single vegetables/fruits. I found squash puree or applesauce were good starters, Just make sure to puree it well enough. We used a baby bullet but I think our cuisinart food processor could've done the same thing.

DeAnn - posted on 09/19/2012




Breastmilk or formula only until 6 months. Their little digestive systems can't handle more than that and they don't have the proper swallowing mechanism yet and this can lead to constipation. Juice is also a bad idea - it gives them a taste for "sweet" and they will be less likely to take to vegetables. Besides, juice is linked to obesity and does not replace a serving of fruit. It's just extra sugar & calories no one needs.

Ask your pediatrician. You'll get the same answer.

September - posted on 09/18/2012




None, your baby is too young for solid foods. Wait until he is 6 months and then talk to your pediatrician.

Danielle - posted on 09/18/2012




3 months and 11 days is still too young for solid foods. When he turns 4 months you can start him on baby cereal one or two tablespoons in his bottle or by a spoons. When he is 6 months you can start him on baby juice and baby food.

Cleaver - posted on 09/18/2012




at 3 months old you should be thinking of starting baby juices not food but i think you can add a touch of pablem in the milkto thicken it

i was giving my son at 4 months old a mesh feeder thing (not sure what its called) with a piece of cantaloupe but that was it until he was 6 months old

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