which milk powder good for stop vomitting


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Kayla - posted on 07/18/2014




The best formula I have found that is easy on my son's stomach is Parent's Choice (Walmart Brand) Gentle... He has significantly less gas than before and rarely spits up/vomits (twice in the last 2 weeks). He is 2 months old right now, so it may be different for older babies. Honestly, he is like a different baby after switching to the gentle formula, he no longer cries from gas pain after eating... Plus it's noticeably cheaper than other formulas and what parent doesn't like saving money when possible?

Dina - posted on 07/17/2014




if you're asking for formula.. I switched to Similac Total Comfort when my baby's tummy wasn't agreeing with the milk. Or you can also try Nutramigen.

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