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Hello all,

My name is Michelle & I have 2 beautiful children. My sons name is Tony Jr. & he is 7 years old & in the 1st grade. I also have a daughter, her name is Jocelyn & she is 8 yrs old & in the 2nd grade. At this moment I am not employed due to health issues that I am having but I am a full time mommy so I guess thats a big enough job.

I enjoy reading, scrapbooking, playing with my kiddos, & I am a huge movie lover. To name one Twilight.... I am a bit of a fanatic. I believe that life is what you make of it & I try to remain positive at all costs.


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helllo, my name is stefanie, i have a gorgeous baby boy, he is 10 months old a very tall for his age,( not supprised tho om 5"9 an my partner is 6ft) i stay at home as i want to be wiv my son as i was a chef at the ritz in london an the hours would leave me no time to c my boy so i made the decision to put my career on old til he goes to school. i dont have many hobbies, i love shoppin but who doesnt, also i like to take tyler to the park and to c his family. i hope to have another baby in the future not too soon tho and wud realy like to have a girl, not for a long time yet tho as i want to focus fully on tylere, he is very clingy to me which can be annoyin as i never have time alone except from late at nite, luckily he sleeps in his own room and ususally sleeps alll nite 8:30pm til 8am which is fanastic. my life has changed massivly since my son was born, i wouldnt change any thin in my life at the moment except from my bf at times as i quite often feel let down by him, today for example he wudnt get tyler dressed or do his nappy cuz it was his day off work, am i wrong for being mad at him for being like this or should i accept his beaviour? xx

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