Why am i still not pregnant after 06 months of trying?

Anne - posted on 05/31/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 30 and my Husaband is 29. We are newly married and trying to conceive a baby from about 06 months now and still i am not pregnant!
I haven't used any contraceptive before and My cycles are always very regular about 28 days every month. We had sex aiming my ovulation date using an OPK correctly and every month I am expecting that I will not get my periods hopefully, but on the 28th day of my cycle i get my periods :(( . I'm starting to get nervous now! Do I need to go to a Doctor? How long it takes to be pregnant to a healthy woman? My husband says me to wait since it is 06 months but i feel very sad bcoz i terribly want to be a mom soon. Please advise me.


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Firebird - posted on 05/31/2013




I know it seems like forever, but six months isn't really a long time to be trying. Most doctors won't even address the issue of your fertility until you've been trying for more than a year. Stressing yourself out over it isn't helping you any either, you'll only end up turning it into a chore.

Patrese - posted on 05/31/2013




It took me awhile to get pregnant (years), actually I was told I wouldn't even be able to conceive. It will happen when the time is right. Eliminate all stress from your life because that only makes it harder. Sometimes planning can be stressful so just have fun. Going to see a doctor wouldn't hurt either, i went and found out my uterus is tilted. I know its hard not to stress about it but you must stay strong.

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