Why do i feel like my fiance's family dont like me help?

Nicola - posted on 11/06/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I like my fiancé's family but i feel they dont really like me even though they dnt hate me, maybe i am expecting so much love from them should i? the mom and dad are all lovely even the grandmother she is amazing should i worry about this? and since our families are family friends when his grandparents came from jamaica we went to see them it was nice to meet them for the 1st time but since our mothers talk , his mother ddnt tell mine i did. So now my grandparents came to see us from the US, we all live in England by the way, they havnt even made an effort to cme see them and she is leaving tomorrow why is this is feel hurt what should i do, should i just ignore it or...these people are to become my inlaws. Even when my aunty died they ddnt cme over to at least comfort my mom they called after 3 months of the funeral to say sorry and they said work was tiring but they only live 10mins away...they never came as well but they can go to my other friend's place to see her parent's new car? I am i reading too much into it.My mum now doesnt really care about them anymore.

i need advice?? please


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personally, I wouldnt really be too concerned about it.....

I live in Pennsylvania, USA, and my boyfriend lives in England.

His whole family, except his mum, seems to be perfectly fine with me. His mum has this issue with thinking I put too much stress on him--but he always tells me its the other way around--SHES the one putting too much stress on him.

On the flip-side: Half my family is ok with our relationship, the other half is still REALLY skeptical. JUST because he lives in England, and I live in America.

We've been in this long-distance relationship for a little over 2years now--going strong and very happy. Healthy relationships are built on trust and communication--and we have exactly just that.

We arent going off of what our families think is best for us. We are going with how we feel and what we know is best for us, and what we know will make us happy.

He plans to move/immigrate to the USA in the next year or so. And I might be expecting........

Anyway..."Trust your heart, let fate decide" If you two truly love each other, and plan to marry--theyll get over it. My guys mother will have to deal with it--cause he does plan to ask me-he just keeps telling me he wont until he gets a ring though--and when he does, Im saying yes.

I dont have a problem with his mother, overall, but she has a problem with me. She'll swallow her pride once we're married. And Im sure much the same will be true for you.

Best of luck!

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