Why do my sisters keep competing!!

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(Its a long story so bare with me) I am 23 years (very opiniated) , and have 3 sisters, 26 (a compulsive liar), 25 (a violent brat), & 20 (young, naive) Aslong as i remember my sisters all share a personality trait, they are all very jealous, competive, & crave my mams attention. Me being the 3rd child and alot like my dad am more mellow and level headed and not fussed what my mother thinks!! (Me and my mam are close am closer to me dad) i think it started when we young, my 2nd oldest sister (now 25) has a lot of health issues and behaviour issues (violent, nasty & hated us having mams attention) she always had to have mam to herself and not seeing the path till it was to late allowed it as it was easier then her throwing a violent strop. And i think this is where the war betweem sisters started! But now we are all adults you would think they would grow up esp since my 2nd oldest sister is now is a pyscretive ward so shes not even in the picture anymore!
But its getting ridiculous my oldest sister had her first baby in 2008, i had my first baby in 2010, in hearing that i was pregnant my oldest sister automatically got pregnant (even tho she struggles with her oldest who is now 2 and very bad tampered and gets away with it) when i was 6 months pregnant she found out to be pregnant (even tho she said she wasn't trying as she could't cope, and apparently had two miscarriages) now my youngest sister is 20 expecting her first baby 2012 (the babys dad is engaged with another women also expecting) my youngest has been having unprotected sex since she was 15 and even tho we tried to talk to her about what she was doing she thought it was funny! (She even tried to get pregnant with a violent ex whilst on drugs and drink just to keep up with her sisters) iv let this all slip thinking it will get better they will grow up now that they have bit off more then they can chew, my oldest resents my youngest a single mum who she lives with me mam who raises her child when she sleeps and txt, (shes gotten a lil better, but throws a strop over anything And thinks shes never in the wrong) and my oldest is really bitter over it as she has now 2 kids no help (her partner works alot) and struggles like crazy!!! I am happy and coping i now have a lovely 4 year old who is really well behaved & my partner of 6 years (babys actual dad) we've been thinking of adding another one (which my family know off) but my sister is getting married soon, so i deceided to wait so she doesn't think am stealing her spot light, then today i hear her and her partner had an 'accident' and now she thinks she might be pregnant. Am i wrong into thinking this is a coinsedence or what!?? It just seems she was hell bent on not having anymore now she might be pregnant, and her and her partner has deceided to have another one in 4 years time. My oldest sis is severly underweight As she is not eating doctors say its stress and depression so why add more when she clearly can't cope? To keep ahead of me?? I don't get why my sisters are still like this and hold so much anger and resentment from not getting enough attention. I am worried that they will make our children have same war that they have to do silly and overtop things just to stay ahead to get attention!! I don't what my child to think she has to be like that!! Any advice?? Me dad is with me on this but neither know what to do :-/ since talking doesn't seem to work :-/


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I would steer clear of all of them until they grow up. Sorry but I only have 1 brother and we are very close, I always tell my kids that they need to be there for each other because we won't be around forever.
I have always respected that family look out for each other, not compete against each other.

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