Why do women claim all men are stupid? Why do we feel superior?


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Ann - posted on 12/11/2012




This is complex. The information age is now here. The interaction girls from infancy and later women receive both in care and close verbal interaction provides much stability, verbal skills, and support from parents, teachers, and others though adulthood. This creates a wonderful highway to many academic skills and later, information age skills.

The nineteenth century belief boys, later men should be strong, allows for increasingly more aggressive treatment as early as one year. This treatment is creating higher average stress; higher muscle tension; and more social/emotional distance from parents, teachers, and others. This is creating more activity for stress relief; more impeded learning/motivation (higher average stress takes away mental energy); poor handwriting/ less motivation to write; and lags in maturity/social vocabulary that are not recovered from. The belief boys are given honor only on condition of achievement, status, etc. also causes many boys to give up school work early to achieve love/honor through outside sports, video games, etc. This begins early and increases over time. Only those Male students from more affluent areas where there is more valuable social interaction are able to perform and grow more adequately.

This difference in treatment combined with drops in the number of middle class/more stable families is now creating less stable environments for Male to grow up with more support. Mind you today, even Males in middle class families are also, although more slowly, falling behind their Female peers.

These differences are showing up in the workplace in many areas with women taking over many areas of business and control over much media. The media, anxious to use whatever means available to gain viewership will use the allowed abuse of Males and freedom of expression of Females to create more entertainment, usually at the Male's expense. This media display is then transferred to the public, which then copies like a new style of hair, the actions and values of the media they are watching every day. The allowed freedom of expression for girls to use this verbal abuse upon Males (Males should be tough and Females protected) creates many free bases from which to fire away with impunity.

The terrible genetics model, which refuses to recognize how such differential treatment is now causing many Males to fall behind, is now adding more fuel to the fire of less respect and more contempt for Males today, even young Male children by teachers (also modeled to girls in the class). This is then imitated by those girls in the class. The academic gap and behavior problems boys are now on the lower end appear to add much validity to the terrible myth of genetics. This differential treatment along with boys giving up early are creating many Males who do appear much less able in ability in the information age.

I do fear the myth of genetics; Males falling behind in society; and the increasingly free use of abuse of Males in school; the workplace; and even in many areas of interaction in society will create a terrible problem for all of us. Males are not less intelligent and are not insensitive to both the feelings of superiority of women and the increasing abuse they are receiving in society. They are very courageous and will only bend so far until, just as they have raised, may very well begin to act out even in fatalistic ways to regain measures of self-worth they may feel they have lost.

Erica - posted on 03/30/2012




Its not that we're smarter or they're dumber, we just have a more complex way of thinking. Which sometimes is actually less helpful. Women complicate the shit out of things. Men keep it simple. Women get aggravated with men because they don't think the same way we do, no necessarily that they don't come to the same conclusion.

Ashley - posted on 03/28/2012




It pains me to say that most women have that, "all men are dogs" attitude. And I have to agree with you, it makes me feel sorry for them. I am currently pregnant with a boy and I don't want him to grow up with this saying in the back of his head. So I commend you for your teachings.

It bugs me so bad when I hear women just generalize men. I have met men who are dogs, very stupid, and just plain moronic. And I feel that just because they are men isn't the reason for their stupidity. I've met men who are the most intelligent people I've ever met. My boyfriend for instance. He's the smartest person I know, and would argue with anyone who said otherwise.

I feel that a person, no genderizing, is that, a person. And each person is different. I sit and read so many threads about women who just totally dog men. Or on my facebook I see women who bash their own husbands/boyfriends. It just irritates me. And it irritates me more when I see that these women are mothers of MALES.

I have to agree with you about not settling, a brain is more attractive than whats on the surface.

Deidre - posted on 03/28/2012




When I was young my mother told me and my friends that All Men Were Dogs. We always thought it was funny back then. When we grew up it just made us feel sorry for my mother. What a crazy biatch to teach that to her daughter and her daughter's friends!!

I am raising 3 males by myself. I think it is very important to arm them with anything and everything that they could possibly come up against in their lives.

Regarding your post though, I do have a thought. For me I measure the intelligence level of a male by the way he is able to carry on a conversation. It doesn't really matter to me what the topic is, as long as he is able to clearly communicate verbally, I won't consider him to be an idiot.

So I am really big on being self sufficient and communicative, so I feel it is my duty as the mother of 3 males to teach them this in full effect.

I also believe in continuous learning. I don't know it all and I don't pretend to know it all, but I am always open to learning more and more. I feel the man who is going to be involved with me should know this about me as well as be on the same page as me, that is believing in the art of learning. When my ex husband and I were discussing our children during the toilet training years, I found an article and read it. I was excited about the information and encouraged him to read it as well... He refused to read it. How can anyone expect to make any progress with anything when one person refuses to cooperate in even the most simplest way?

To me, my ex husband is an absolute moron who can barely put two sentences together. He is definitely the reason for my refusal to ever settle again in my life!! Never again :)

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