Why does my child continue to hit even when she is punished?


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Good question. My son will be 1 in 3 weeks and he is into the hitting thing espically when he doesn't get his way. I can't get him to stop regardless of what i do either. wether I spank him or just firmly tell him no he looks at me and laughs and its really hard not to laugh w/ him b/c he is just so cute. So I would like some advice also,

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Erica - posted on 05/18/2009




I work at the daycare center my son goes to and he was the bully. I used to be embarassed to say Hi im Coltons mom! Because then they would look at me like OHHH so thats his mom. At daycare they just sat him down and said he made the choice not to play with his friend.. or redirect him from the other kids. But at home when we went and played with friends kids I spanked his butt.. told him very sternly we dont hit.. and had him sit down until he was ready to be a nice boy. My mom always yelled at me because she doesnt believe in spanking.. but hey it worked and since I started young and was on top of it we dont have any problems with him hitting anymore

Beth - posted on 05/18/2009




I think part of it is that she hasn't yet learned a way to voice her frustraion or that she is unhappy. My son was hitting but when I saw he was about to I would hold it firmly look in his eyes and tell him no hitting. It took a little while but now he has resorted to making mean looks.

Glendeen - posted on 05/18/2009




My daughter's new thing is hitting too and I cant get her to stop no matter what I do. She is 13 motnhs old.

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