Why is my ex/daughter's father trying to hurt me since I've moved on?

Dchector24 - posted on 07/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My ex and I have been broken up since my 7th month of pregnancy with our daughter who just turned 3. He no longer wanted to be in a relationship, and did not want the responsibility. We have not been back together at all since. I made it clear that I would wait for him for a while to see if he would change his mind, but he never did. I moved on and started dating other people. Now I am pregnant with my second child by my new boyfriend, and I am really happy. We are planning a wedding and are very excited. He wanted a family just like I did and it is an amazing feeling. My ex recently found out that I had a serious boyfriend and was pregnant and planning on marrying him soon, and since, has been acting really disrespectful. He has been trying to talk to me more often, but is doing things to hurt me that he wouldn't necessarily do before he knew about my life changes (for example taking my daughter to do things for the first time that he knew were important to me to experience with her, that he previously never had an interest in). What I don't understand is why he is acting this way if it has been a long time since we were ever together and our relationship was horrible at that time. He wanted to be with other people and has been sleeping around, but is mad that I have moved on with my life and went after what I wanted.... I don't understand. He dumped me! I really need someone to explain this ridiculousness to me. Is anyone else dealing with this?


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Michelle - posted on 07/11/2013




It's called jealousy and yes even though he had moved on and didn't want to be with you he also doesn't want anyone else to be with you.
The best thing to do is ignore him and treat him like the tantrum throwing toddler he is.
Show him that it doesn't bother you and he will soon give up. Like most children, ignoring bad behaviour usually stops it.
He's also jealous that you are now happy and he most probably isn't. He's probably also kicking himself for letting you go but it's his loss not yours.

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