Why won't my 3yr old eat dinner??

Anne - posted on 11/13/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




It's nearly impossible to get my 3yr old to eat dinner. I'm at my wits end...how do I get her to eat??? Unless it's pasta, chicken, or pizza....my daughter has to be told to eat every 5 minutes. It's ridiculous!!


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I have a rule in my house and that's eat what is on your plate or don't eat.Sounds cruel? It's not I make one meal and one meal only (except for my 3mo that can't eat the solid foods we do) my daughter was such a fussy eater but if she didn't eat what I made for her she wouldn't get deserts or snack I made her sit at the table until she at atleast 5 fork fulls of food.Theyre eventually going to eat what ou make if there hungry because they're not going to starve themselves or go without if they opt not to eat a meal eventually if they will be hungry and eat!!be patient and try not to get frustrated with her no deserts or little late night snacks if she doesn't eat I know u might think ohbut she will be so hungry I should give her something.DONT because if she has a bit of and empty belly one night she's gonna want to eat the next.Try not to baby her and just encourage her by saying "come on two more bites show mummy what a big girl you are and if you take three more bites we can go play or do something else fun :) hope this helped a bit

Good luck with dinner time lol :)

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