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Brittney - posted on 07/02/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Wanting to know how to get my daughter to stop taking her diaper off all the time. We have a "potty chair" and she always want to "pee in the bobby" (lol) but she will never sit on it long enough. she always ends up peeing in front of it, beside it but never in it. I even sit with her on the floor and read books to her to try to get her to sit there but she's just not sitting still..Any advice is welcomed.


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Dana - posted on 07/02/2009




give her a reward for sitting on it!! m&ms, stickers, high fives, whatever gets her excited! thats what i did then when my daugther was comfortable sitting she started peeing and got rewards for going pobby! she calls it a pobby :)

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have you tried pull-ups? they look more like undies and less like diapers, it may be that she thinks shes ready but her body just isnt yet. i found that pull-ups helped by keeping things dry while being appealing enough like "undies"

Another thing, like Ashley mentioned basically just constantly remind her while its potty time that we "need to sit until we go" it gets really repetitive but it can help.

If your really desperate try treats for sitting on the potty long enough to pee, pick one treat (a candy or something healthy) that will be eaten only when she sits on the potty. if she sits for what you think should be long enough give her one, if she pees give her two! Eventually once she goes more regularly you can ween her off the treats and just use praise when she goes.

I ended up using the treat method for my son since he could never decide whether to sit or stand to go so I gave him a treat for sitting long enough to go.

just make sure if you use this method that she doesnt try to sit on the potty just for the treat! lol

Ashley - posted on 07/02/2009




I don't know if this will help, but my mom would sit in front of me too on the potty. And my biggest thing was I wouldn't concentrate on going because I was so happy to have my mom's undivided attention (my brother was just born at the time) so I would just talk to her without focusing on going potty. So after a minute or two my mom would always say "shhshh, I think it's coming...". Sounds corny but it did work, it made me sit still and focus on going potty instead of being distracted. Good luck!

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