Will my daughters father ever forgive me?

Jessica - posted on 12/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My almost 4 year old daughter was born when her dad and I were 18. We married when I was 6 months pregnant & we were as much in love as anyone could be at 18. He was an awesome provider, always took care of his responsibilities & me and my daughter. Our families though hated each other. It didn't even take one year for them to tear us apart. We still were so much in love but went through a bitter custody battle & divorce before we even turned 20 years old. I started dating another guy 6 months after the divorce. I dated him for two years before getting pregnant with our daughter.

Now this entire time, I still loved my first daughters father dearly, though we fought daily. He loved me just as much. There was never any talk of working it out at the time because we were both so young & stubborn. The father of my second daughter & I are no longer together. She is currently 7 months old. I have been dying inside knowing the mistake I made of leaving my husband (first babies daddy). We talked about it and we are still in love but he can't forgive me for having another baby with someone else. I know hes hurt & I know I wish so much that she was his baby but I can't go back now. At 18, we wanted our daughter - that was no accident. My second daughter was not the same story. I do not love her any less, they are both my world. But I don't know how to get the family back that I once had. Any one ever felt his pain or know where I should go from here? :(


Michelle - posted on 12/08/2012




Honestly seeing as though you guys were divorced and not together at the time he has no right to be upset with you about this other baby. You don't need his forgiveness as you have done nothing wrong. If he truly loves you he will love that child as well.

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