Work things out or give up?

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So my ex and I had been together 8 months before we found out we were pregnant. Everything was fine until December when we started having issues due to me being stressed and taking things out on him. He ended up moving out then a few days later breaking things off. We tried to hang out but he said I was just constantly putting him down and beaning mean. We stopped talking for a few weeks and just started talking again last week. I haven't asked him for anything (I lost my job in August when my work found out I was pregnant due to being on probation and being an at will job) I've relied on what money I did save to get a crib and diapers etc. But that money is running thin so I had no choice but to apply for gov aid. My ex and I are trying to start fresh like were just friends that occasionally see each other, but I feel like no matter what we just aren't going to get back together. I'm 28, he's 25. I truly love this man and he knows I do-should I keep trying to work things out or should I just let him go?


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Me and my daughters dad was together a yr & 2mts b4 I ended up pregnant. & even b4 then we went thru ups & downs. I've always told myself I'll work things out w/ him no matter wat bc of how much I do love him. I kno the back & forth gets tiring & it sucks emotionally too bc ur like "why can't we just get it right already??!" but u havta have patience in relationships. If its meant to be u will look back when it's finally right & see the faith, hope, & feelings that were put in but if not then that's time u won't ever get back. U havta take risks sometimes. I take plenty w/ my boyfriend. I don't mind tho bc one day we'll realise wat it is. Either we're gona be together or apart. Only God knows. Just try to do w/e is right for the baby. If u guys can't have the baby in a stable, loving environment together then maybe u need to be apart bc everything changes when a baby is unvolved.

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