Worried about nursing baby #2 while chasing baby #1

Amanda - posted on 08/04/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a very active (aren't they all) fifteen month old boy who I nursed until he was ten months old. When I got pregers with #2 I stopped producing. Here comes baby #2 what is seeming to be any day now and I am really worried about being able to nurse her. With my son I had time to sit and relax and feed him, but I don't have that luxury these days as I am always chasing him. Any advice to make the transition a little easier? I know that nursing baby #2 is not going to be as easy as it was with #1, but I could use all the advice I can get.

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Bridget - posted on 08/04/2009




Ok I only have 1 baby but I nannie for a 17 month old and was going to start back with him once my baby turned one. I nurse my son and I have to say things have been much easier than I thought they would. At first I had to trap Tommy into the room with me so I could keep an eye on him. I made sure he had toys or a snack or something to keep him occupied. After only about a week I stopped having to do this. He now relaxes with his cup of milk while I feed Jack. I know it will probab;y take longer with your son because the baby will be brand new and still need help nursing but just remember how easy the nursing gets and soon your son will be used to it. Good luck!

Amanda - posted on 08/04/2009




Thanks for all the comments. I really appreciate it. It helps to know that there are other mothers that did it.

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A good idea is to practice your "mommy means it" voice now. One should not have to get up in order to get a child to not do something or to do something. I would have something for my daughter to do while I fed my youngest, the same routine during feeding times so she knew what I expected of her.

If your little guy seems to get into trouble during feedings so that he gets your attention set it up so that you will have ample time after a feeding to give him even just a little one on one time. That way he will know that after mommy is done then he will get her full attention.

Also get him used to hearing you speaking at different volumes (if you know your youngest will have a nap after a feeding you may want to keep things quiet) your oldest will copy how you speak so if you act and talk quietly he may even slow down a little and copy you.

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my midwife said to always have food for # 1 when feeding # 2, so that they understand its food time for # 2... if that doesnt work put favourite things out for # 1 so they are getting something too, like a special book or dvd... its a known fact they will act up when you are feeding # 2 because they know you are busy, so talk to #1 and explain whats happening it involves them so they dont feel left out... my midwife always said i might have to learn to walk and feed, # 2 will just have to fit into your life now as # 1 did into yours and i did!!! it might take a few weeks, eventually # 1 will settle down when they know where they fit into the equation... allow # 1 to help out & involve # 1 as much as possible, it reduces the jealousy i.e getting the nappy or wipes or helping wipe # 2 bottom... my #1 wouldnt help at all to begin with, now she holds my breast to 'help' feed # 2!!! ive even caught her trying to change #2s nappy... pick your battles with # 1, if its not that important let it go, they will learn you wont jump at every step... just remember to relax & enjoy being a family, you will find your rhythm

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same as me I was so worried I stopped feeding Cameron at 9 months and he is full on. he used to feed for an hour at a time.

when Ewan was born Cameron was 14 months old and I used to sit on the couch and feed ( he would feed for 20 minutes max ) but cameron used to wonder why mummy was on the couch with bubs instead of crawling around with him so I found if I sat on the floor and put toys all around me and books he stayed happy this worked great for me. unfortunately Ewan had a floppy larynx so stopped feeding at 4 months (3 weeks ago) but I found keeping Cameron involved made it easier. When Cameron first saw Ewan with a bottle he went crazy he wanted that bottle but now after some no you don't need that and I always have a treat of milk, apples or banana ready so now he comes and puts the bottle in ewans mouth and I have caught him on occasion trying to fed him.

now they sit up in there high chairs together 3 times a day and have solids they are best buddies

Jamie - posted on 08/04/2009




At the time of the birth of my second child, my oldest was 27 months old and a firecracker!! He is the type you are constantly having to keep on top of and telling no!! I am nursing my second child. In the beginning it can be really rough because yo uare sleep deprived and well you feel like a human non stop bottle for the first month. There were a lot of times where I thought formula sounds like an easier root and plan. BUT it does get better. I have a dessignated area where I nurse(my bedroom)(or baby room). What I do is put those handle stoppers on the door knobs. I close my door with us in there put his favorite show on and grab some toys or coloring book, something to keep him busy and we stay in the designated area untill I am done nursing. Though some days I still find myself carring baby with boppy an attached to chase my son. But soon baby won't be nursing as often, it will get easier!! You may want to scream sometimes but it does get better!! Good luck!

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