Would you every use hair lighting shampoo on your toddler?

Heather - posted on 09/30/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




Okay so I met a mom this week with a 3 year old boy with cute blonde hair, she saw my daughter that just like mama and sissy has blonde hair with dark undertones. so in super light and than darker in the winter when we arent in the sun as much. She stated to just buy a blonde highlight shampoo, I stated on my 2 year old????? We let my 12 year old use one maybe once every 2 weeks but on my 2 year old no way! She said that she does that and sprays her sons hair with straight proxide than blow dries it everyday. No way would I do this but isnt this going to cause her sons hair to fall out or something???


Becky - posted on 10/06/2013




My daughter has blonde hair and she's only 6 the only thing I would ever put on my daughters hair to enhance the colour is lemon juice or organic products x you can make your own that's perfectly safe x

Janice - posted on 10/03/2011




No, I would never do that. Whatever hair color my children have naturally is okay with me. I'm just happy that my 23 mo. old daughter finally has some hair! Took forever to grow in (just like all babies on Daddy's side) and we still use baby shampoo. Why in the world would you ever expose such a young child to chemicals like that? IDK if his hair will fall out but why chance it getting in his eyes or him having a bad reaction?

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Wow, that is simply outrageous, it is when I see those kind of stuff when I think people should get a license in order to be able to have kids. Those chemichals will slowly harm her hair, and that is not the worst part, as hair grows back again, the worst part is it harms the scalp. So as they get older and they keep doing this, her hair will get all horrible, even when it grows out new hair it will never be the same again, unless she spends a LOT of money on hair treatments. Besides, things like that is what makes people get allergic reactions to a lot of things when they get older. It is totally harmful, specially the peroxide, and the blow dry, will cause all the hair that was lightened with peroxide fall off. I speak on own experience, as my mom and I studied to be a hair dresser and know about all this, and have seen all this on clients and on our own hair. I lightened my hair many years ago, and even though I didn't do it anymore, the new hair, "virgin hair" that grew out new, turned to be horrible and very stuburn hair, weak, and that entangles really badly. And falls off ALARMINGLY. I am currently treating it, and have seen very nice results, but it still isn't the same as it was before I ever lightened it with something which is actually not as harsh as peroxyde. So imagine what it would to to that poor girl's hair which has a much more delicate hair and scalp?

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September - posted on 10/03/2011




That's just crazy and straight stupid! I tell ya some people are just out of their minds! So to answer your question hell no I would never do something like that. We use the 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash by Jason (it’s all natural and organic).

Starfish - posted on 10/03/2011




Oh my goodness, no. Why change their appearance? When they're older and want to, sure, but I appreciate all my kids for who they are and what they were born looking like.

Katherine - posted on 10/03/2011




i would NEVER do anything like that, my sons hair is such a wonderful colour, it reminds me of my hair, (which i've also never coloured or treated). I hope I can teach him to love his hair as much as i do!!!

That being said, i knew a family who had a little girl who used sun out to lighten the girls hair....just think of all the chemicals these children are absourbing into their scalpes and then into their bodies

Jessie - posted on 10/01/2011




I am def. not into the whole messing with your child's hair color until they are MUCH older, and then it should be something they want and you both agree on. I know a mom that messed up her child's hair dieing it blonde (she had darker brunetter hair) and I just never understood it. Children have beautiful hair as it is... well until they play and get it all messy but that is what being a kid is all about :) Those chemicals are usually harsh for them anyway and you never know if it could harm their sensitive skin.

Kimberly - posted on 10/01/2011




Uh no no no! Sorry my daughter is almost two and I havent even used real shampoo never mind lighting shampoo. Kids have beautiful hair as babies so I just wan to enjoy that. She has the rest of her life to put products and colouring in it when she is old enough, let them be natural for now.

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