would you send your 8 yr old daughter on a plane trip alone?

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i separated from my daughters biological father when i was pregnant, i live in mississippi and he lives in puerto rico, he expects me to ssdend my daughter to him for a whole month and alone!!! first of there are no direct flights from here to puerto rico and second of all the guy has never been there for her and now he wants her for a month!! im not liking the idea at all, and sending her off with a flight attendant isnt a good deal for me, she has to wait 4 hours in houston to transfer to the next plane to P.R and i dont think the flight attendant will be with her the whole time and plus, I will go nuts if not close just in case something happens and im not close to her and i cant afford to travel right now. nobody understands my point, do you?


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Kate CP - posted on 07/28/2009




Uhhh...no. Especially not to Puerto Rico. That's an international flight and it's a long one, too. Nope. Never would do it. If he doesn't like it he can fly his butt up to Mississippi and pick her up.

Shannon - posted on 05/14/2009




I grew up flying to see my mom. I started when I was about 6. They always paid the extra money to have a flight attendant stay with me and during long lay overs there was this room that I would go to with other kids. It was ok and I had fun. NOW.. that I am a mom! I have a 6 year old and there is just no way I would feel comfortable doing it. I ask my mom all the time how she managed and she tell me she was a wreck til she would see me coming off the plane. I think it would be different for you if you trusted the dad. It doesn't seem like you do.

Samantha - posted on 05/14/2009




If I were you I would try to get a nonstop flight or one where the layover is less than an hour. I flew to see my dad when i was 7 but it was a non stop flight, everything went fine. I also flew again when i was 12 and had a layover in Atlanta for 3 hours, I did just fine but 4 years can make a lot of difference.

Morag - posted on 05/14/2009




NO! My daughter's 9. Her father lives in the UK and I live in Spain. I just don't think travelling 2000+miles is safe for a child. If my ex (he never would lol but for arguments sake lets say he would) come and pick her up, I'd let her go, but no way on her own.

Melissa - posted on 05/14/2009




I agree with Holly. I would make him come up here to get to know her first. Then she will know if she will want to go a whole month with him to PR. If she does than maybe something can be figured out, like maybe her father meeting her where she would have to wait for the second plane. I know how you feel and I wouldnt send my child alone, esp not to PR to a guy that she doesnt know. Good luck and remember the choice is yours, you are her mother and you know what is best for you child.

Holly - posted on 05/14/2009




yes ,i understand u point !you tell him that if you want to see them or her you come here to missippi and get a hotel and get to know her then i will think about it

causse if she needs you then youll be close ..if he dont understand then tell him to bad

.I would never do it ,you dont know what his plans are .but tell him if he wants to see her he can come there ...that way your not denieying him time

Megan - posted on 05/14/2009




I wouldn't do it, i think she's still too young especially if it's not a direct flight. My step daughter is 8 and there is no change i would send her anywhere alone.

If here father wants to see her that badly he can come to you and take her back. I think being away from your daughter for a whole month is a big enough deal as it is, he shouldn't expect her to travel alone too! But you're her mum so you do what feels best. It'snot like your saying he cant see her!

Mel - posted on 05/14/2009




i probably would but i dont know how ill feel when mine gets older, but its not wrong to do so my 2nd cousin when on a plane trip to see her dad when she was about that age. similar situation to that with your child

Emily - posted on 05/14/2009




I wouldn't do it, but I went on a plane alone to my grandparents' for two weeks and everything was fine. In fact it was fun

Melissa - posted on 05/14/2009




My son's father wanted me to do that when my son was 5 and I told him where to go I would never put my child on a plane by himself espically with all these creepy people out there if he wants to vist her tell him to get on a plane

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