Young mom of 8 & 9 year old. Stepmom of 13 & 15 year old

Stacy - posted on 03/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I don't seem to fit In any group on any site. I'm 26 and my children are 8&9. My step kids are 13&15. I have yet to find a group of moms online or in person that I fit into. If the kids are my kids' age, the mom is significantly older. If the mom is the same age, the kids are babies or toddlers. Someone please give me a glimmer of hope that I'm not totally alone in my situation.


Debbie - posted on 03/23/2013




People are having babies at such different ages these days it's a dilemma for sure. The nice thing is that every mother can relate with the frustrations and daily experiences that children bring. I think the teen years are the most difficult and I really needed help with the head games the kids like to play at those ages. I would seek out seperate groups for seperate needs. It's nice to have various ages of friends who can give sage experienced advice as well as current event encouragement. Something you might like as a mother/step mother a book called From Combat Zone to Love at Home: The Happy Face Token System. It is full of ideas for both the young children and for older ones. It is written by a woman who raised her children using this system and learned how to adapt the workable system around her children as they grew up. Each chart is specific in nature to get a specific behavior or teach a certain principle. They really work nice. Especially nice is the reward list used with the happy face token system for kids K4-12or 13. This is all you need for many years. There is a PMS chart to help older girls learn about their moods and body functions prior to a period (helps them see why they are usually grounded two weeks before one starts!) as well as an effective and unique points chart that uses things the kids like from the reward list. My kids loved this program and talk of it as a hightlight in their years at home. There is even a 30 day guarantee on the program it's that good and comes with a parenting survival Kit CD. I don't of too many books with guarantees. The web sites you might like are
good luck.

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