Young Mums aged 20-30 - glad to be one

Ria - posted on 05/20/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I turned 30 last week, so I only just made it. I hardly feel that the discription applies though. After having my first I got my figure and face back in about a year. The twins though....
i think I've probably aged about ten years in the last two. My skin is soooo streched I don't think it will ever go back and my face has suddenly got wrinkles all over.

I felt really depressed about not having flat and defined abs any more, until I saw recent pictures of Julia Roberts in a bikini. She has the same loose skin twin tummy even though the rest of her is lean and trim. I guess it is normal. If she can embrace her new look, then I can do it too.


Georgie - posted on 05/21/2009




Hi im 20 years old and i love being a young mummy. I have a son who is 9 months old. Before i had my son i had an amazing body, but now?! My bum is big, my thighs are big, my arms are big, my stomach is still flabby and rolly and my boobs are small!!! So i feel your pain! My face has wrinkles everywhere and i wake up everyday feeling like i am 40 years old!!! I always look at celebs and think god why cant i look like they do after children but then i remember that they have nutrisionists, cooks, personal trainers, nannys, cleaners and someone for anything that you can think of! Im sure your a wonderful Mum! And just rememeber... we might be a bit chubbier than before but at least we look after our own kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope i could make you feel a bit better about yourself?!!!!

Melissa - posted on 05/20/2009




i know the feeling to i'm only 22 with two kids had my first when i was seventeen and i don't feel young at all i don't have the body of one nor the lifestyle my whole life consits of school runs cleaning taking care of my 18 month old and all the other task we all do but at the end of the day i wouldn't change a thing ever they are my life now and couldn't imagine it any different

Emma - posted on 05/20/2009




i agree with you im only 25 but dont feel young by any means after having two beautiful lil boys and bn a mum/houscleaner/wife/nurse/everything i feel 40 lol.

And yep watching yoyur body change shape form stretch marks us hard but what makes it easier is the love in your childs eyes when they look at ypou coz they dont care what u look like as klong as ur there 4 em. :} i hope ur enjoyn bn a mum with all the ups and downs :]


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