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Moms using cloth diapers

This is a group for Moms who are using cloth diapers on their little ones, to discuss challenges, advantages and personal experiences using washable diapers


Cheap China brand vs Expensive US brand

Hi...more question from newbie CD Mommy...anyone try the China brand eg, QQ Baby, Babyland?is the US brand eg Happy Heinys, BumGenius really much better than the...


HELP!!! I want to leave disposables...

I want to leave disposables behind and tell them to TAKE A HIKE. However, I have two children that I am diapering. My 3 year old is special needs and is TALL, skinny legs, wide...


How to correct use cloth diaper??

I bought cloth diaper from,I'm new to the whole cloth diapers experience and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me. I'm a little weary on how to...


Help with Cloth Diapers!

I'm new to the whole cloth diapers experience and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me. I'm a little weary on how to clear the "poopy" ones. Not sure how to...


I love cloth diapers

I was so happy to find the Lcute brand of diapers–which cost about half the price of name-brand diapers!Lcutes are a pocket diaper and are very, very similar to the Bum Genius...


Diaper Pail

Has anyone ever put water in their diaper pail? This way they can soak a bit, before getting to rinse the poop off.


What are you using for night time?

Currently I am using a sustainable baby bamboo fitted for night time with a dancing bear cover. I was curious to see what others are using for night time as my baby is a heavy...


Newborn sizing?

i happened to come across a Newborn sized disposable nappy the other night and realized how much Larger the cloth diapers I have are. Should I have a newborn size one? Does...


wool soakers?

Hi all, am 35 weeks pregnant with my to cloth diapering this time around, and need some advice. I'm using prefolds with either a Bummis or Thirsties cover since...


horrible bacterial diaper rash

Hi all my daughter has a horrible bacterial rash in her diaper area and it is taking forever to heal have taken her to doctor 3 different times to be treated for the rash they...


What is everyone using?

Hello moms....I am pregnant with my 3rd baby and I am considering using cloth diapers since I will be home with her. I used them with my oldest but that was 18 years ago and my...


Baby Powder and cloth

I'm not the best at remembering to change my LO's cloth nappies every 1.5 - 2 hours and that resulted in diaper rash on each side of his "jewels" and around his butt. I have...