Moms who are anti-abortion

This is a community for moms who are against abortion. I personally am against all abortion under all circumstances. I'm a christian and I believe it is God's decision for when and how a woman gets pregnant and it is NOT the mother's decision to take a life. It is time for us to quit playing God. Others, believe that in extreme circumstances, abortion is okay. This is a community where we can express our opinions freely without the fear of backlash. So preach on sisters!


Was she wrong for forcing me?

My mother forced me into getting an abortion I am against abortion by all means. Was she wrong for forcing me to do this cause now its hard to go day by day.


Pregnancy and Abortion

Why do teenagers go around and tell people they are pregnant and then get an abortion i mean whats the point. Do they want sympathy or something?


partial-birth abortion?

you have got to be kidding me. obama has hired people that have voted for partial-birth abortion. what the hell is up with that? partial-birth abortion is murder PLAIN AND...



Wonder if you guys heard of this website before: