Anyone out there not celebrating easter


Carrie - posted on 08/31/2009




We have one dozen plastic eggs in an egg carton with "GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD..." written on the top of it.

1. Matthew 21:1-11 PALM SUNDAY

the egg holds palm leaves (cut from contruction paper)

2. Matthew 26:17-30 LORD'S SUPPER

the egg holds a plastic communion glass or piece of bread

3. Matthew 26:36-45 GETHSEMANE

the egg holds praying hands

4. Matthew 27:1-10 BETRAYAL

the egg holds silver painted pennies

5. John 19:1-16 PILATE

the egg holds a string (to represent the whip used to scorge Jesus)

6. Luke 23:13-43 CROSS

the egg holds a cross

7. Luke 23:44-45 DEATH

the egg holds a swatch of black cloth

8. Mark 15:42-47 BURIAL

the egg holds a rock

9. Matthew 27:62-66 THREE DAYS

the egg holds a number 3

10. Matthew 28:2-4 STONE ROLLED AWAY

the egg holds an angel

11. John 20:1-9 EMPTY TOMB

the egg holds a swatch of purple cloth

12. John 3:16 GOD'S LOVE

the egg holds a red heart (cut out of construction paper) with a sticker of Jesus in the middle of it.

They are called Resurrectoin Easter Eggs. Some use them to have a back yard Easter egg hunt. After they are all found they go through the story with their children.

Some open one egg a day for twelve days around Easter and go through the story slowly. There are other stories out there online that have as many as 22 eggs all holding different things in them with Bible verses that coinside.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

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