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I saw this group and absolutely had to join. In August 2008, my now 3 year old was diagnosed as Autistic. I had an infant daughter at the time (she was 4 months old). I remember at her next well child appointment, the doctor asked us "will you be vaccinating today?" And I looked at him in confusion and said "Yes. Should I not?" The look on his face was nothing but relief. I knew there are people who thought vaccines might cause autism, but I never realized how many people refused vaccines. Now my 18 month old daughter is showing signs of autism, and the first thing people ask me is "Did you vaccinate?" And I always respond with "Absolutely. There is nothing that definitively links autism to vaccines. Every study I have ever read actually proves the opposite." and then I inform them that parents who don't vaccinate are putting their children at a greater risk than I am. It's people like Jenny McCarthy who have given vaccines a bad name. Now people are trying to get me to stop vaccinating, or to start my kids on gluten free diets. It's sad. And so many people want to cure my son... there is nothing to be cured. He has a disorder, yes, and it affects him in many ways. He doesn't need a cure, he needs to be understood. His dad and I are doing that rather well, actually, and he is a happy 3 year old. Anyway, I joined this group because of the way people who don't vaccinate act when I tell them I do vaccinate and that I have one, and possibly another, autistic child.


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Super hugs for you :) x

If your like us and have spent 6-7 weeks in hospital ( our son has severe allergies to foods ) then you can see the illnesses children have that are PREVENTABLE!!

I honestly don not understand WHY people dont get there kids vaccinated.

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