Moms who are Music Teachers

For those moms who are music teachers by day (and night) and moms by night (and day). Share creative ways to juggle the demands of a home and a teaching career, teaching plans, organization ideas, and resources for all venues of music education (General Music, vocal or instrumental) from Pre-K through 12th grade.


Summer Plans

Hello Ladies! Now that school is over, what are your summer plans? Are you teaching or just enjoying being a mom? Please share!


Music Programs

Hello Ladies, Just was curious as to what you teach in music and if you put on concerts. If so, I'd love to hear what you are doing with your concerts. Please share! :)


Welcome! Introductions Please :)

Hello Members, I thought it would be good to post a little blip about ourselves to hopefully get some more conversations started. I'll post mine here and then other members can...


Enough hours in a day?

As a wife and a mom, I find it hard to juggle the responsibilities of home and my job (after school rehearsals, parades on the weekends, extra rehearsals out side of school...