Mom's who are prophetic intercessors & want to pray 4 those who want it!!

If you need or want prayer or maybe someone to seek the lord with you in a desicion this group of ladies would like to believe with you and help out with Godly insight and wisdom, maybe use some of our own personal testimonies to help you in your time of need. ------ For mother's or woman who want to be an prophetic intercessor, you must believe in the written word of God, seek the Holy Spirit daily in your own walk, have the gift of tongues, have the gift of the prophetic, and the gift of intercessor, and have been on / or are still on an intercessor prayer team. Please seek the Lord before committing to this group and make sure this is where God wants you because sometimes even if we have the gifts it doesn't mean that we belong, God may have somewhere else for you to be or maybe start your ow group. This commitment may only be for a season in your life our forever, but wherever God leads there is peace. Be blessed my wonderful Ladies of the Lord.