My 7yr old decided to be a vegatarian

Patricia - posted on 02/16/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hello all my 7 year old daughter decided to become a vegatarian about 6 months ago.... when this girl makes a decision she sticks to it! And I will support her in her decisions. I guess what inspired her is one of her good friends at school is a vegatarian, my children go to a Steiner inspired Charter School and there are several other children there that are vegatarians as well. She also doesn't want sweets they are bad for you she says....... not that she doesn't like sweets because she dreams about eating ice cream! But won't eat it when she is concious lol. Anywho my post is to ask for basic things that she needs since she doens't eat meat. I know she needs dark greens, and whole wheat, I've been buying boco burgers and anything I can find in the vegatarian isle but I'd like to be more creative with her diet, and not the same old thing....... she is very open to trying new things she eats mushrooms, sushi (the veggie kind now), sea weed so I'm not afraid to try something new with her. I just don't know what to try or where to start. And if any of you have veggatarian meals that your children love I would love to try them! I also am concerned that since I am so uneducated on vegatarianism that she is not getting all the things she needs nutritionally wise and I want to make sure she gets it. Any suggestions on the basic things i should be giving her, daily diet, recipes useful books? I am not a huge meat eater my self raw meat has always grossed me out since I was a kid.. .......but my other three children and their dad are meat lovers! They have tried some vegatarian meals..... I stopped telling them it was vegatarian until after they eat because my 10 year always makes a big deal over how gross it is based off of it being vegatarian....... now she asks for seconds even when she knows its vegatarian! I would love any advise thanks!


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Hi, I am in the same situation. My 6 year old daughter recently decided to become a vegetarian. I've looked at loads of websites and books but I am still worried that she will not get enough iron, protein ect. My family do not agree that children can be healthy without eating meat so I am having to justify my decision to support my daughters choice. What am i suppose to do? Force feed her meat? I am a single mum so do not have anyone to back me up or tell me that actually I am doing the right thing. I believe that it is my daughters choice, if she feels strongly enough that she does not want to eat meat then as her mum its my job to support her and find new ways to make sure she gets all the nutrition she needs to keep her healthy and strong. If anyone has any good vegetarian recipes or tips on products that will help keep my daughter healthy I would be very greatful.

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I wouldn't worry so much but defintely go read about it yourself so you feed her well. Dr. Furhman has a great book for vegetarian kids. Just feed her good foods and not only prepackaged foods because after awhile it will be too much sodium, etc, same as with other non-vegetarian pre-packaged foods and all the additives they include.

My kids are vegetarian, almost totally vegan, and we are all healthy and strong. My kids are getting older and if they wanted to, they can eat meat and stuff at their friends houses, but they choose not to. I make a lot of recipes form Dr. McDougalls books available at any book store and his website has lots of free recipes. Go take a look and make some like bean burgers, tofu burgers, tortilla soup, sloppy joe,etc. I think she will love it.

Laura - posted on 02/18/2010




I would start with "quick and easy" vegetarian cook books. Of course there are thousands of recipes online...

Get her involved in meal planning, nutrition and healthy living and cooking!

As for the dreaming of ice cream...Rice Dream makes a delicious alternative (w/ rice milk) Yum!

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