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Hi, I was wondering how you find sitters for the early and late hours? I lived with my parents until June so my mother babysat for me. My fiance works evenings.


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Luckily when I was working 12 hour shifts my MIL & mom helped with daycare on the days my husband had to that time he was also working a 12 hour swing shift. Now I'm working M-F 8-5 and still avoiding daycare/babysitters thanks to family!

Heidi - posted on 02/12/2009




daycare is hard to find. I'm fortunate that my older kids help alot,but when I had to work days (I'm a night shift RN), it was impossible to find daycare. Try a college to see if a college student would want to earn some money. Maybe ask some of your co-workers what they do or maybe watch their kids when they work, and ask they watch your child(ren) when you work?

Carrie - posted on 02/10/2009




I used to find  babysitters that would be willing to watch my son odd hours.  Some of the people have creditenals and some do not, but you can interview and maybe find someone great. I did.

Jessica - posted on 02/10/2009




If you attend a church, that would be a good place to look for students or maybe young teenagers that may be looking for babysitting opportunities.  Of course you would still screen them in the usual way, but knowing that the family has good values is a plus.  In our situation, my husband has found a girl that is the daughter of one of his clients.  she is just starting to babysit for us, and although she is in high school and has limited hours available, we know we can trust her over just posting some flier at a grocery store.   

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