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Moms who battle infertility

This is an open forum for any person who has or continues to struggle with infertility



Hello, I'm really struggling ..... My husband and I have been ttc for awhile now. We have been pregnant 3x and all 3 resulted in miscarriages. Then we weren't getting pregnant...


IVF second time around

I am contemplating my second IVF cycle with frozen embryos. Has anyone done this? Is it easier the second time around? Any suggestions?


Embryo Adoption

My husband and I are in the last stages of our Embryo Adoption. We have completed our Home Study waiting to hear if we passed. Would like to know other stories?



Hi! I am a mom who struggles with infertility. With my son I took Clomid to give me that new little boost and I took it on day 5-9. I now have a new OB who wants me to take...


Blocked Tubes

I have been recently diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, but there is no apparent reason for it to happen. My daughter is 3.5 years old. Have no infections, no other reasons...



I hope this circle helps people share their joy, excitement, frustration and any other emotions that come with infertility.