Moms who bottle feed

This group is for moms who have questions about bottle feeding. Not many people tell you things about bottle feeding the focus is more about breastfeeding. Us bottle feeding moms need to stick together and encourage each other that bottle feeding is ok.


What bottles would you recommend?

Hi there! I'm expecting my first in November and have recently decided not to try breastfeeding (pre-existing medical condition, initially I was going to give it a shot but the...


Is my 8 month old getting enough milk?

My litte boy is just over 8 months old and only has about 8oz of formula milk a day. He will only have about 3-4 oz at about 7.30 am and about the same before bed. He has...


bottle feeding

Hi can anyone help me I use fomula powder milk, I boil the water first and put the powder in straight away, then i leave it to call for half an hour then put it straight in the...


Why them & not me?

I've read on answers to questions on here mom's make comments that it's ok for a breastfeeding mom to cosleep but not a bottlefeeding. Why can they & not me? My son is 9 months...


Selling Avent bottles

I am selling my avent bottles. I have enough for bottle feeding all the way thru. I have all sizes of nipples and the sterilizer. PM if interested


Having trouble burping baby..

I had my first son in June of 05.. I had a really hard time burping him. I put him on Infamil soy formula and well that really helped me out :) He has no troubles to this day...


Baby not drinking well - HELP

My baby girl has never been a great drinker but now she's even worse! She's 5 months old and isn't even drinking 150mls...I've just gone and bought new teats with bigger holes,...


Time bottles are left out

Hi there! When my son was born I really wanted to just breast feed but I just found it to be too hard. Now I am pumping and using formula. I wanted to hear from other Mom on...



HI! I am so glad I have found this group. I am interested in knowing how your formula choices have worked out for you. I am using Nestle Good Start and I am not sure. My little...


pumping and bottle feeding ?

Ok so I'm trying to pump and bottle feed my son. I used formula with my daughter and she had so many problems that eventually we had to put her on soy and I didn't want to go...


Thank You

I am so glad that I'm not the only one that thinks bottle feeding is okay. Every time I ever told anyone I wasnt able to breastfeed they ALWAYS look down on me. I hope more...


Making the switch.

My son is 3 months old and I'm going back to work. I've given him the occasional bottle of breastmilk but lately he's refusing bottles. Any suggestions on how to make the...


Glass Baby Bottles

My sister was a teacher and is now a stay at home mum to her beautiful boys! Apparently there is some dis-harmony about plastic baby bottles, so she set to work. Check out...