Having trouble burping baby..

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I had my first son in June of 05.. I had a really hard time burping him. I put him on Infamil soy formula and well that really helped me out :) He has no troubles to this day liking milk either. It hasn't been so bad this time round. Sometimes he wont burp and I am just not sure what to do. I don't go in for my appointment for WIC till Monday so should I switch to soy formula? What sould I do I hear running the babies feet in the bicycle motion helps it helps a little are there any other solutions to this? Can anyone please help me..


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If they just don't burp, usually it's because they don't need to. Switching to soy (or from soy to milk-based) on your own is a bad idea - my daughter had a heinous reaction to soy formula because I didn't know there was a difference and accidentally bought it once.

I see this is old, but if I couldn't get a burp out (and I heard the telltale squeak that meant gas), sitting her sideways on my lap, slumping her forward over my hand and gently stroking upward from the back and front would get out any actual burps. If nothing comes out, they don't have gas. Not a huge deal.

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Hi, I have just read your post...it has been awhile, how did the appointment go? Is he burping yet?

So your having trouble burping him....however you didn't mention whether he is crying or distressed not being able to get his wind out. Look if he is happy and content after feeds etc I wouldn't worry too much.

However if he is unhappy due to trapped wind try lying him down first after his feed for a few minutes then come back and put him over your shoulder or try putting him on his tummy over your legs, he may have a little chuck if he burbs this way or you could also try sitting him on your legs bending him forward a little. You can also buy products for wind such as gripe water, infacol drops and various other homeopathic options. Try these, make sure they are alcohol free ones. You can also soothe him by giving him a warm bath or place a warm cloth over his tummy (not on bare skin you want to avoid burns) and rub his tummy in a clockwise direction even try baby massage and yes running the babies feet in a bicycle motion can be soothing for some too.

But don't change formulas due to wind problems, you should only change if baby has certain allergies, lactose intolerant, reflux or won't drink the current formula because he is extremely fussy, if he likes it and is drinking it well keep him on it, try other ideas first.

Good luck with it all : )

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