Mom's who children loves horses

This is a group for mothers who children loves horses. In this community we can share horse riding stories, pictures and horse knowledge.


Hi to everyone!

My name is Sheryl and I am a proud mum of 3 children, 2 dogs, 2 ponies and a cat!!!!. I have a pony mad 4 nearly 5 year old daughter and I have worked in the horse industry for...



I am hoping that this brings more horse information available for those mothers whose children loves horses and would like to have a horse someday. Also my family loves to see...



Hey all it has been a very busy couple of weeks hope all is well and doing good. We finally had our baby colt and he is now a month old we named him champion .


Enjoyed the weather

Today was such a great day. There was plenty of family out all ready to ride horses and roast hotdogs. Everyone rode and had lots of fun we are looking forward to many more of...