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Stacy - posted on 05/18/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi all,

I had a 1 hour GTT last week. The nurse called back and told me my result was high and that they wanted me to schedule a 3 hour, so I did. Then the doctor called back and told me that my blood sugar on the first test was 207 (normal is supposedly 65 - 140) and that because of this they are electing to skip the 3-hour test and proceed as though I have GD. Now I have an appt with the educator & dietician, and have to track my blood sugar, etc.

I've NEVER heard of anyone having a high result on the 1 hour and then being diagnosed with GD without having to take the 3 hour exam. In fact, everything I've read states that a high result on the 1 hour is common and is an indicator that a second test is needed, but usually when they do the 3 hour test everything is fine. Does anyone else think it's weird that they're telling me not to bother taking the 3 hour GTT and just calling it GD after 1 abnormal reading? I tested my BS this morning before breakfast and it was 82. That seems fine to me. Should I talk to my doc and request the second test just to be sure, or just go ahead with the assumption that I have GD?

Thanks for any help or advice!


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Sarah - posted on 01/14/2010




I would demand a 3 hour. GD is something you don't want to have to put up with unless you have to. They might have said you absolutely have it because your number was over 200 which is considered diabetic and not borderline (when not pregnant, anything between 140-200 is considered prediabetic). They might think that no one could score that high and not be diabetic. Well, labs mess up. I would take the 3 hour.

Gemma - posted on 06/05/2009




It is your body and your health, you are quite within your rights to request a further test to definitely confirm GD. Having said that, I also put a lot of faith in my doctors and trust their judgement, although I think I would be seeking a further test at least or else a second opinion, particularly if your sugars were good today.

Sara - posted on 05/20/2009




I do think that is wierd, but if you track your blood sugars as they are asking, you will know for sure if you do have problems with your sugars. Lots of doctors like to make assumptions about people, whether they want to admit it or not. Discuss it with your doctor for sure, see about the 3 hour. Good luck!

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