Moms who have Cancer

For moms dealing with any type of cancer or treatment.


NOT Taking "Treatment" for Cancer

Hi, Elizabeth 42 yrs old. DX in August 2008 with: Advanced/Invasive Squamous cervical cancer~Stage 3B/IV inoperable and in my lymph nodes. I decided NOT to take "Chemo/External...


Little Couple's Jen Arnold has cancer

Hi Everyone. Did you hear about Jenn Arnold from the Little Couple? She was diagnosed with cancer after adopting two children. I think the show premieres tomorrow night on...


Cancer Survivor

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012 and got metastasis in my brain in 2013. I want to share my journey as a survivor with other cancer survivors. My blog is...


Just found out I have thyroid cancer

I have a 5 1/2 month old son and I just found out I have thyroid cancer. It seems to be the easiest to treat and my Dr. seems very optimistic, BUT she was optimistic I wouldn't...


I just wanted to introduce myself

New to this website, and saw this group during a search. I am a breast, skin, and glandular cancer survivor. Doing well, but unfortunately always in constant fear of new...



just wanted to add u


Might have cancer again!

I was first diagnosed with MALT Lymphoma in March 2007, and then diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (both Non-Hodgkins) in 2009. I recieved Rituxan for the first...


i still get so tired

I just had surgery in Nov. i am finally done with radiation & chemo and supposedly cancer free, if thereis such a thing. My girls are 14 & 16 and they want to be on the run all...


New Members!!

I just wanted to say Hi and welcome to those members who joined recently. My name is Tracy and I have Colon Cancer. I'm currently undergoing radiation and chemo for a...


Moms Living With Ovarian Cancer

My name is Christina and shortly after my 36th birthday in '07, I was diagnosed with stage IIIc Ovarian Cancer. Two surgeries, that latter giving me a colostomy and a third...


I need some help

good morning ladies,i don't have cancer but a very good friend of mine & hair dresser had a radical mastecomy last august. well this june she had a tumor removed from her...


Make your home a no toxin zone!

I'm on an awareness campaign and've just got to know this! The cancer, disease, allergies, doesn't have to be there. Let's fight back with a...


Neuroendocrine Tumor

Hi Moms!!! If anyone is located in or near San Jose, CA, I would love for you to join me... please see below! Stay strong ladies! I was diagnosed with cancer the day...


Texas Mom w/ lymphoma

Hi- I have 5 children ages 15 mos- 17yrs. I finished treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma in Oct 08. So far so good. My husband also has cancer and is undergoing his 5th round of...