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hi, i have suffered two miscarriages, my first when i was 20yrs old, i was only about two monthes gone, but it was hard, then i feel pregnant and had my son a year later, the following year i had another loss, this time it was harder as i had seen my baby on the scan and still have the photo, it is really hard to come to terms with, then i feel pregnant and the following year had another boy, the following year i expected to loose again, but had a healthy girl, i still havnt forgotton the two i lost, and never will, i think it was hard when people would say, never mind love your young you can have plenty more, and i would say, yes i know but i wanted that one, or people would stay away as they didnt know what to say to you... its hard but i believe everything happens for a reason, and if i had, had those two babies i wouldnt have my three wounderful kids that i have now. i know they cant replace them, but i always say that i was pregnant five times, maybe i was doing something wrong each time i dont know, and i dont think so, i mean i didnt drink or smoke and i ate as healthy as i could, so i wasnt doing anything wrong was i? maybe if i hadnt been working, maybe i should have done this or done that. who knows, but what i do know is that it isnt your fault or anyones fault, its happened and its just one of those things that i cant explain, why.....
take care to all of you out there who have lost through one way of another, xx


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I have been right there in your shoes... I had my first pregnancy/miscarriage in 2007... I found out i was pg Aug 27 and I was so happy... I was only 19 but i had been with my boyfriend for 3 years and we were excited... But, Oct 16th I was 3 days shy of 13 weeks... We lost our baby.. We never heard the heartbeat and we never saw an unltrasound... But we decided that it was a girl and we Named Kealynn Anne Bevis... And every year for Christmas we hang an Angel at the top of the tree rught under the star that says I believe in Angels... and she is the angel atop our tree watching over us... But I also remember the thoughts of what did I do wrong... and I just had to tell my self that we werent ready for that baby and it did happen for a reason... XOXO

Rebecca - posted on 11/04/2008




after losing our son who was born at 24 weeks gestation, we went through all those same what if questions, it was pure torture thinking that maybe I had done something wrong. and we too got the stupid response that you have/can have others, I just wanted to scream at them which of your children would you be okay to let go? sometimes saying nothing is better. It has been 11 years now and I have been blessed 4 children since then, but I never forget the one we lost, I did have to stop the questions and accept that there are some things that God allows and I just don't know why and stop beating myself up. I pray that you can find the peace that comes with truely accepting this. My love to you and any other who fights these questions.

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