What were your fears when you were pregnant?

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When we fall pregnant, there is much delight but many fears too.

How have you dealt with your fears? In a case of losing a baby, have you dealt with your pain?


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I suffer from Graves' Disease. I lost two babies: the first at 3mths and the second at 5mths. So when I became pregnant the third time, I remember I just cried and prayed. I begged God to end it right then if I wasn't going to make it to the end. With my last child I bled for 3mths (placenta something: where the part of the placenta became detached and died off). I knew if I would have lost anymore I would be in a psych ward. Thankfully, the last two were okay, but I didn't have the normal excitement of pregnancy just anxious and worried. By the time my water broke, it felt like the first time I could breathe and sigh in relief....


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Cindee - posted on 09/07/2009




ive lost 2 boys in 2007 i was so scared when i got pregnant with miranda i enjoyed my pregnancy but i dont think id be sane if i lost her to...i was consintaly thinking of them all the way through and when i found out i had to have my lil girl early then when i was in hospital and was put in the same room i lost my boys in i panicked at first then all of a sudden it felt like they were talking to miranda and me encouroging us and making things ok.. they are always there watching over us..

Desiree - posted on 08/26/2009




After my first 2 losses, I didnt phase me anymore. the 3rd 4th and 5th one were like, "I knew it was gonna happen" My last pregnancy I lost twin girls and it still didnt hit me. I was never happy with any because of knowing what was bound to happen. I am now on my 6th pregnancy and have made it 5 weeks past my last lost. I'm 20 weeks and found out what the baby is and I feel her move alot. I never felt the baby move before. I'm not happy nor sad even though the doctor did say I am past that worry mark...But I wont give my hopes up. I wont be happy til shes out of me and everything is accounted for. Not a day goes by when I dont check to see if I bleed or call thee doctor with every lil pain

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