Moms who have placed their child for adoption

This is a community set in place to support birth mothers who have given their child up for adoption. I gave birth to a son when I was 17 years old and made the difficult decision to place him up for adoption because I knew I was unable to take care of him at that time.



Today, I received a phone call from a lady in Ohio who identified herself as a social worker and asked if I had a son that I placed for adoption. "Yes," I replied. She said...



I lost my 2 kids to DHS due to my meth addiction, Its been gosh about 6 years now. I get contact with my oldest and see her every sunday. Once a month she comes and stays the...


New here

Hello everyone. I am very new to the Circle of Moms so I am not sure exactly how this all works. Any pointers or tips would be so greatly appreciated. Thanks...=)



Why do family members and friends feel that it is okay to share the opinion in regards to adoption? I have a younger sister who recently placed her daughter for adoption...



Hello, my name is Monica, the Administrator of this community. I created this community because I am a birth mother that placed my child for adoption and I've found that there...