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Welcome to my community. My name is Jessica. I am a mother to 2 wonderful boys, and a birthmother to 1 wonderful boy. His name at birth was Kaden Aaron. I became pregnant with Kaden at 19, when I already had a 2 year old little boy. I knew immediately I couldn't provide for this child alone, I was barely making it on my own with one child, even with the child support I was recieving from his father. I contacted an adoption agency early in my pregnancy, around 4 months. It was called Littlest Angels. The woman wo helped me was amazing, her name is Sandy. She drove 2 hours to my house to meet with me and my mother, and made me feel very confortable and relaxed. I was very nervous that day, which is why I needed to have my mom there. I went through profile after profile after profile of prospective birth parents, but none of them seemed perfect for my child, and I was determined to find him/her the most perfect home and family. I was 8 months along when I went into labor, and still had not chosen a family. When my mother was rushing me to the hospital, I knew I needed to find a family, but had no time left. After spending 3 days in labor, with doctors monitoring me round the clock and trying to stop my contractions, they decided to go ahead and do the c-section. Kaden Aaron was born December 15th, 2005 at 10:47 am, 4 weeks premature. Miraculously, he needed no oxygen at birth, weighed 6 pounds and 7 oz. As soon as I came out of the recovery room into my room, I started looking at more profiles. I wanted an open adoption, where I could have pictures and possibly see him again some day, and there seemed to be no one out there who wanted that. I decided to try and keep him, and do my best to provide a decent life for him. One day, when he was 4 months old, he ran out of diapers. I was behind on rent, had no money, and couldnt afford to buy more diapers for him. I knew that wast the life I wanted for my son, so I called Sandy again. She told me she had just had a family who wanted an open adoption, and who had an older little girl who was also adopted. They had a long letter of reccomendation from the birthmother of their daughter, were happy, nice, and could give him a wonderful life. They have a dogsled tour guide company they operate in the winter, so they have 38 sleddogs, and he adored dogs. In the summer, the husband runs a construction company. They lived in the same state as me, only on the other side of the state about 8 hours away. A month or two after they got him, the sent me pictures, and I was amazed at how much they looked alike. The little girl could be my sons blood sister, and he was so happy and absolutely thriving. Now, he just turned 3, and they send me pictures every Christmas. I miss him terribly, and still remember the day I handed him over, and how my heart was ripping out of my chest, but its easier now. Its reassuring to know how well he is doing. Im eternally grateful to them for raising my son well. I can never repay them enough for that.

Thanks for joining my community. And again, Welcome.


Dannielle - posted on 08/06/2009




Thank you for Sharing that. I truely am grateful. And thank you for starting this. I still have alot of pain around my kids. and I know that I am not alone. Thats what I hope to get out of this page. Mom's like me. Thanks again!


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