Moms who just want to vent.

This circle is just for moms who want to vent, to know that not everything has to be perfect all the time and know that there are other moms feeling the same way. If you just want to be heard, maybe get a little advice without judgement, and know you are not alone. This is the circle for you. WELCOME.



I am so sick of everyone!!!!! I HATE WHEN PEOPLE AROUND MY LIFE TRY TO CONTROL IT! I am the one who has to deal with the choices my husband and I make, no one else. SO BACK THE...



my 21 yr old just moved back home, his fiance is due in Mar. and they were moving into an apt. next weekend but decided to wait until the first of the year. my step-children are...


Just Want To Vent

I'm a 44 year old stay-at-home Mother of 4. My childern are a girl 14, a boy 12, a boy 10, an a girl 4. I got married at age 27 years old; had my first child at 29 years old;...


Why? You might ask.

I thought I would start this circle just to see if there are other moms out there who just sometimes feel like venting about something going in life. I know there are so many...