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Hello everyone, I am looking for some new fondant recipes. I have used the one in the Wilton magazine and I don't really like the way it tastes. What recipe do you use?...


train cakes

Does anyone have some great ideas for train cakes? My daughter loves trains and I am making her one for her 2nd birthday, thought if anyone had some pictures of some cute ones...


Wilton class?

I'm considering taking the Wilton cake decorating classes through our craft store. Worth the money/time? Anyone against it? I've done pretty well so far being self-taught.


My first time using fondant.

My son has requested an angry birds cake this year for his birthday. I have done some simple cake decorating but I'm a little nervous about making this cake. Any suggestions...


How to make a farm animal cake

My son's second birthday party is just around the corner. We are doing a farm theme and I was looking for some cake ideas. Last year we did rubber ducky theme and I made the...



Is it really hard to work with? I have some and honestly- I am scared to death to even try it!!


Pirate Cake

Ok, My sons birthdays are coming up ( one will be 2 and the other will be 4) and I am going to go with one big pirate party for the both of them... I have a few idea on what I...



I have just been looking through the photo's on here, there are some very talented mum's! So glad I found this page, I love cake decorating, I have done much in the past 2...


Starting Cake Business.

I am just wondering how many women sell cakes out of their houses. I love baking and decorating cakes and am sincerely interested in starting a small business from this...


duck tales cake, need help

my husband had a duck tales birthday cake when he was younger and i would like to recreate it for him this year. does anyone have suggestions about where i can get the supplies...