Moms who love The Beatles

Moms from different parts of the world who love the Beatles, regardless of age. This is a good place to share pictures, music, videos and tidbits about the fab four.


Lennon or McCartney?

If you were to choose between John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who would you pick? Gosh, this is a very hard question. Personally, I think these two are almost equal in terms of...


Beatles Conventions

Has anyone here ever gone to any Beatles conventions? And is anyone planning on going to any in the near future? There's a convention in CT next month. I won't be going to that...


The Beatles RockBand!!

So who is excited about the Beatles RockBand coming out?! It's pretty soon, 09/09/09!!!! John had a fixation on the number 9, so that is why they chose that date for the...


Welcome, fellow fans!

Hello! I've been a fan of Beatles since college days when I saw a special on them in TV. Tunes like Yesterday, I'll Follow the Sun, 'Till there was you, Good day Sunshine, I...