Moms who love Twilight

A group for all the mom's who have a secret obsession with anything Twilight related. I know its a book for teens, but I have to say, it is my favorite book series. The movie comes out on November 21 and I am sooooo stoked to see it. I know I'm not the only one out there who loves the book and wants to see the movie, so come on girls, join up!


Twilight book vs. movie

I am in love with this series. I too spent weeks anticipating the release of the movie in my area. Wha, wha, wha. Moderately unimpressed. I was so drawn in by the books...


What do I read now?

I have to admit.... I could't put them down. I read all 4 books in 4 days. I have not been addicted to a series like that in a long time. But now comes the big...


" Twilight ruined my wife"

I saw that on I love it, I want to get a hat for my hubby. I ordered a sticker that say's "Twilight Mom" What Edward is younger than me. My hubby say's I'm...


New Twilight Fan

My son was home from school sick last week, so of course I was too. A friend gave me the book to read when I had time.....I did nothing for two days but read! I loved it!...


bought book and movie? Which first???

so you usually hear...OMG the book was so much better than the movie, however, for this one, it is so controversial. Some people say...Book first! Others Movie first! Now... i'm...


Help Prove My Husband Wrong :)

Hello Twilight Moms. I am starting this conversation just to find out everyone's ages and thoughts about the Twilight Series. My husband thinks I'm crazy being so obsessed with...


Hi everyone! New to the community

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Amanda and I am the mother of 4 year old twin girls Hailey and Kailey. I am a TWILIGHT fanatic


New Moon movie

So I'm sure most of you ahve heard that New Moon is being made into a movie now, so excited!! The director of Twilight however will not be directing New Moon. I think this could...


Is Bella a good mother ?

In the time it took me read these books twice over I became a mother. So when I read Breaking Dawn for the second time I was doing so from a different perspective. And it...