♥ to throttle my husband's single friend!!!

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So my husband, currently laid off 3 mos, spends a TON of time w/his BF (male-also laid off, 2 yrs now) They play call of duty...he would wake us up texting wanting to come over and play/hang...drive me nuts! Well he's been hanging out w/my cousin & his gf (ultra clingy-my cousin has a short leash) or w/another couple who have 1 kid but loving grandparents who take the boy semi-frequently. Now we have 2 kids and no close family for us to unload children on to, they are ours 24-7/365... Chuck (the friend) has been doing "adult" things (BBQs, campouts, hiking, etc) where he wants my husband to come with and to essentially dump me with the kids. Unfortunately for him, I have been pulling in more hours at work and am not available for all of his "adult playdates" But he invites my husband "knowing" I'm working... I say "knowing" because if he had half a brain and listened to any convo @ my house he would KNOW when I'm working! Hell, all he'd have to do is look @ the calendar :) He's been around long enough he should know better... he once lived w/us for almost a year! He has never had, or atleast invited Kendall (hubby) to this many events! My husband is a homebody and isn't down for a whole lot of action anyhow...I'm rambling...

Today, Chuck & Kendall were supposed to go donate plasma to make some extra $ Chuck had been bugging K- about going w/him to motivate him to go more... Chuck flakes (typical anymore!) and said he was having lunch w/his parents. The whole reason they were supposed to go early was cuz I was working @ 3p! So later, he texts K- asking him if he wants to go camping for the night...to which K- replies "I have the kids until 10" then Chuck starts back peddaling..."oh I thought Erin was off... you probably won't want to bring the kids..." my husband doesn't have a problem taking the boys camping alone, they'll sleep in the truck...no big deal, they both LOVE camping! (ages almost 5 & 21 mos) Kendall tells him "the kids will be fine" ♥ love him, he's soo funny! So idk, whatever. I don't have a problem with him taking the kids. If he doesn't find it appropriate then they'll make their own camp somewhere else and he doesn't drink too much when he's got my boys, especially outside! So that isnt my issue... MY issue! is the stupid ass Chuck who thinks he can go inviting my Mr. Mom husband to all these "NO KIDS" events! If he wanted to go 1x/wk to a poker night, or on a hike, whatev. But the frequency and horrible timing of these events, and they are ALL NO KIDS! His approach is just horrid! It makes me feel like he is trying to get himself a single cronnie! Cuz if my husband partook in all of these child free events, that's exactly where he'd find himself! What a shocker it would get him! HA! Ok...you get my husband all to yourself, he can take your couch he starts riding w/you like you want... then he has the kids all the time anyway, cuz we don't want our kids living n daycare and I sure as hell aint paying noone to watch them while he sits on his ass soaking up unemployment...then they'd be stuck at HIS house, HAHAHA OMG...picturing it makes me laugh... IDK...I just hate him, stupid single asshole!


Nikki - posted on 07/09/2011




OMG I would kill him, that would drive me insane. My hubby was unemployed for 3 months not long after I had my daughter. At the time he had 2 long time unemployed friends who thought it was acceptable to spend all day at my house. After about a week of them being there 24/7, eating all our food, me having to deal with a newborn, breast feeding lack of sleep, stress over unemployment I had the biggest tantrum ever known to man.... They didn't come back after than and thankfully hubby understood where I was coming from. Good luck with your 3rd wheel!! Hopefully he will meet someone soon and get out of your hair :)


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Corinne - posted on 07/09/2011




I'd be going bonkers! Tell Chuck straight, stop being a moron and find someone else to pester all week. Thankfully my hubby hasn't been out of work, he gets ants in his pants if he gets a weeks holiday and just has to be doing something all the time. That said, he did used to have a mate who he worked with who used to pop round after work, sooo annoying as they were chefs so after work was 10pm and I'd also just had Mia. Know where you're coming from and how frustrating it is >:%

Katherine - posted on 07/09/2011




Tantrums always do the trick Nikki lol.

Maybe you need to have a tantrum, Erin!!!

I would be irritated too. When I was pregnant with my first my husband had a single friend that did the same thing. I was ready to kill them both. Finally he found a girlfriend, thank God.

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