Among other mother is beginning to irk me.!

Diana - posted on 10/01/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




So I recently had to move back in with my Grandmother because our (my husband and I) lease was up on our house and we couldn't find a place that we liked before moving back into the city. I had a job for a while (transferred) but the new place was frustrating and I knew the other local locations were'nt any better, so I quit. Also, the job was quite stressful and I started to see a rise in my blood pressure so I knew it wouldn't be good to stay. My husband hadn't been employed in more than a year as he was in school and then he was a stay at home parent with our 3 year old son. We agreed to both find jobs while enrolling our son in Pre-K. I took a few weeks to compose myself from the last job and then got a temp position for a bit. It only lasted a week and half and then I found another temp to hire position I start on Monday. My husband, however, hasn't found anything and is only half trying. He stays at his mothers house 10 minutes away because he doesn't get along with my family as well and both spaces are too small for all of us to be together comfortably. My gram owns her own business and it's on the second floor of her house. So my son is stiffled on a regualr basis of being able to play because her living spaces have no room for a child so he plays in a back room on the second floor. We have to clean constantly because we have to keep a professional appearance for the business.
On top of all of that my mom watches my son often and has for a while on weekends and such. It helps to let us unwind, but it's getting to be too much. She spoils him rotten and he's starting to turn into a brat. She feeds him, so he doesn't want to feed himself at home. She gives into his whining so now he's trying to test my husband and I when it comes to that. I've been feeling crappy since yesterday and she's kept an eye on him...helpful. But then when I woke up she asked what's wrong and I told her I still felt crappy. She then asked me 3 times what I'm feeding him, even though he'd been up for 2 plus hours with her, so I went down stairs to get his some cereal. At the same time my gram was making breakfast unbeknownst to me. So I bring up his bowl for him to eat and my my comes in the room with a plate of the food my gram made. She then begins feeding my son from her plate. I said I got him the cereal he wanted and he says I want to eat with gramma. She says that he can eat the cereal after he finishes what she has and I point out it will be soggy by then. So she says he can have both. Wth was the point of pestering me to get him food, when he should have eaten already and then she was just going to feed him something else anyway...It's little things like this that frustrates me...


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lol o know how u feel. i may not live at home but my mother drives me flippin bonkers i swear shes bi polar

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My MIL is the same, feeds my son so he doesn't want to do it himself. it drives me insane. She also tries to puree it. I ended up going off my tree about how he has teeth and needs to develop motor skills like feeding himself not be spoon fed at age 16 months.

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Sometimes, you just have to tell your parents to back off. Take control over your parenting. If they are so petty that they will kick you out if you do, get on your husband's ass to find a job, then find a place to live, then tell them to back off.

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I had to move into my parents with the kids and I'm going through the same thing. I'm basically single, my mom is a control freak and it drives me nuts.

All I can say is gently tell her to back off. I've had to do that sooo many times. She even went as far as getting my 2.5 year old's hair cut without my consent.

She tries to control every damn thing. Unfortunately I have to suck it up most of the time because I live under "her" roof. I can't WAIT to move out.

It must be hard on you to have to stay there without your husband and pick up the slack, not to mention starting a new job. Tell him to go on craigslist and apply every night for at least 4 jobs. That's what I do.

Not only am I single, but my ex helps with NOTHING. I have no job right now and my parents have to foot every bill. It sucks being at their mercy.

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