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My son is 8 years old and has never been to Disney World, so I want to take him. Dh does not want to go, which pisses me off to no end and is the reason we've not gone thus far, but I just don't care anymore. If he wants to miss it, he'll miss it--J & I are going.

So, I want to take J myself this January or February. All of this information is SO FREAKING OVERWHELMING!!!!

All the packages seem to be for 5 and 6 day trips, but I've only got 3 days, so I'm purchasing everything separate. I don't know the area. I don't know the different parks--Apparently there are a shit ton of them and I can't tell if they are all different parks or different names for the same thing. So I don't know what hotel to book that has shuttles to the parks I want to visit.

I just want to spend a day each at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and maybe Universal Studios....or Hollywood Studios...or whatever an 8 year old would like.

Any advice? Would he have fun at Magic Kingdom at 8 or is he too old for it? I've only got 3 days, so I want to pick the parks he would have the most fun with. I think I'm just going to drive so I won't have to worry about transportation, but then there's the issue of parking--I don't want to spend half our day walking to the gate from some 3000 acre parking lot....

Plus, I don't consider myself a prude, but MY GOD this stuff is expensive! If I'm paying that much for a long weekend, I want it to be good, you know? We usually spend this much for a full week of vacation!!


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Use this website it has all the "secrets" of disney! allears.net

I think he'll have fun at all the parks regardless of age, afterall it is Disney! Personally when we went we did park hopper passes, they were more expensive but then you can do one park during the day and the another at night if you'd like. You can also go back to the hotel to rest and relax during the day. When we went we rented a condo and a drove a rental car around. This saved money on food because we could eat most meals in the condo and then pack a cooler with food and drink to take to the park.

As far as parking there is a tram constantly running so the most you would wait to get on one is 5 minutes. If you stay at the hotel they usually have buses running all the time taking you to the parks. Disney is very expensive but it is so worth it! I'm hoping to get back there this year with my son and daughter!

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3-Day Magic Your Way Ticket
Family Enjoying Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Recommended Because:

The Park Hopper option helps you see more on a shorter trip.

A Magic Your Way Base Ticket gives each member of your travel party entry to one theme park a day each day of your ticket.
Includes Park Hopper Option
Visit multiple theme parks on the same day for the entire length of your ticket, including:
Magic Kingdom Park
Disney's Hollywood Studio
Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

which is, according to the thingy on the side, $960. which sounds pretty good to me, given that i had no idea how much it'd cost and a simple trip to St. Louis for me and my family would be about $700, including everything.......

i just put in some stuff, really. it's the package i would get if it was just me and my 8yo. this actually sounds awesome, i hope they still have this kind of thing when Julie is older....


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oooh!! LegoLand! now THAT'S a place i'd love to go...

and yeah, awesome that he wants something cheaper!

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BTW, that allears site was really helpful, and so was priceline. Also, found out there is a Legoland in Atlanta. Taking him there.

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I think we are going to put it off until October. I don't want to go in the summer, and there is a longer school holiday in October so we can say longer. You get huge discounts starting on the 4th day, so I'd rather just book a whole week and not be rushed.

Of course, I went to talk to J about it today and his response: "It's cool, I'm not that into Disney, but can we please do Carowinds?" Umm.......YES!!!!! A fraction of the cost, less than 3 hours from home, and imo totally fun! How much better can Disney really be? I wanted Disney because I have this weird mentality that it's an American staple, I never got to do it, etc. etc. Maybe I'm overrating it? Does every child really NEED to go to Disney? Or is Carowinds or Six Flags just as cool for an 8 year old boy? I think if I had a girl, it might be worth it--all the princesses and castles and such, but J's just not that into it, so maybe a simple weekend at Carowinds is a better option....of course, they don't open until March, but I guess I can wait a few months. Hubs won't go to Carowinds either, but I don't give a shit whether he comes or not. J & I will drive my lil' miata up and have some bonding time :)

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My stepsister just took my niece (her husband, sister, mom, and my dad went too) in October. She turned 8 in November and had a GREAT time.

That's all the input I have as I've never been and most likely will never GET to go.... hard to take 3 kids thousands of miles away when you have no help and no money. ;)

I hope you both have a GREAT time though!!

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did you try the customized vacation packages? you can choose only 3 days and which parks you want to go to and what park you want the hotel to be closest to.

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i have absolutely no idea what an 8yo would like, i personally was a very strange 8yo and i don't think i would have like Disney World myself. i've never been, either, so i have no idea what the place is like.

but for traveling i can definitely help. i like to use priceline.com. it really is pretty awesome. you can bundle the flight, hotel, and rental car and save a lot of money. i'm sure that would help, right?

did you think about the Animal Kingdom? i'm looking at the site right now... Idk if your boy would like it, but when i was 8 that would have been where i wanted to go...

trying to channel my inner 8yo is hard! i grew up with old people and stayed outside or went to school most of the time. my "being a kid" was a bit different, even compared to the people who lived nearby...

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