Do your husbands play with your kids a lot?


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Sarah - posted on 03/22/2012




DH gets home so late at night (for a toddler anyway) that he'll play with our LO if she's in any kind of a good mood or sometimes to try to get her in one because he can tell when I'm burnt out.

Except for Sundays, his playtime is always sooo late that her "grumpy switch" is easily flipped. I feel sorry for him cause he gets bummed out about it alot. Oh well, price you pay for good steady job I guess.

Stifler's - posted on 03/20/2012




damo is good with them like reads if they pick up a book and plays tickles with them and we all lay in bed and cuddle nd muck around in the aircon when he's here

Amy - posted on 03/19/2012




My husband does play with the kids, sometimes a little less then I would like but there are times when I'm tired and I don't want to play with them so I can't fault him all the time. He tries to do fun things with the kids, I don't think he's great with imaginative play but he does encourage them to use their imagination. Overall I would say he's a great father, I know the kids adore him!

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